Protective Style: Afro Centric Bantu Knots With Kima Kalon Curl Crochet Braids

Protective Style: Afro Centric Bantu Knots With Kima Kalon Curl Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids For The Win!

Listen Beauties! My amazing anointed stylist Kendra texts me one day and says “Hey, It’s time that we switch up your Crochet Braids style.” Quite naturally my reaction was sure…”Let’s Do It!” Please keep in mind that this is before I even receive a picture of what style she had in mind. Everyone who knows me already knows that I am super picky about how I wear my hair and how it’s styled but I actually just allow Kendra to do her thing. A little while later she sends this text through and I was like YES HUNTY!

Fast forward to the day that I get this new protective style. Can I just say it was a crazy day of deadlines, kid activities and racing against time to pre-poo, shampoo, conditioner, deep condition and air dry. Yeah you try accomplishing all of that in a few hours. As I’m racing to my appointment I start thinking hmm… is this style going to go with my face?

Duh! Of Course! Upon arrival Kendra immediately went to create yet another one of her master pieces. I simply love her level of professionalism and my hair always looks amazing. Let me tell you something she braids fast and whips those protective styles in real quick and your on your merry little way. I will be honest the anticipation of finally seeing the finished product always gets the best of me but I patiently sit there awaiting for that exciting moment when I can take my first sneak peek of my hair.

"Protective Style" "Styles by Kendra" "Protective Style" "Bantu Knots" "Crochet Braids" "Naturalbabydol

Although I’ve been getting crochet braids over the past few months is only by choice. Kendra can do any type of braids, sew ins, quick weaves or press out style. Head over to her Instagram or Facebook for a plethora of creations.  Here’s a peek at my latest style. Can I just say that I was in love? "Protective Style" "Styles by Kendra" "Protective Style" "Bantu Knots" "Crochet Braids" "Naturalbabydol"

"Protective Style" "Styles by Kendra" "Protective Style" "Bantu Knots" "Crochet Braids" "Naturalbabydol

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