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Delayed Doesn’t Mean Denied

GREATNESS TAKES TIME Today’s diary entry is about embracing delayed moments in life. This is a discussion that affects everyone at some point in their life. I guess in my case it has affected mine more often than I could have ever expected. The fact is I have been experiencing this since perhaps high school. I remember as a teenager …

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When God Happens Book Review

  Do you believe in God? Angels? Have you ever had supernatural experiences that you just can’t logically explain?  Hey Darlings! I’m back with another amazing book. As you all know I’m an avid reader and discovering books that help me on those days when I’m not 100% are just what the doctor ordered. I recently had the opportunity to …

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4 Black Owned School Supply Companies

BACK TO SCHOOL: CIRCULATING MONEY INTO OUR COMMUNITIES   Hey Darlings! I know that many of you are still on summer vacation and not ready to face the fact that school will be starting in a few weeks. There’s still time to grab all of your kid’s school supplies. This year I’m being more intentional with the supplies that I …

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