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4 Black Owned School Supply Companies



Hey Darlings! I know that many of you are still on summer vacation and not ready to face the fact that school will be starting in a few weeks. There’s still time to grab all of your kid’s school supplies. This year I’m being more intentional with the supplies that I purchase for my kids. My goal this year and every year until my sons graduate is to purchase them some school supplies from Black-Owned businesses. As a mom of boys its very important for me to motivate them with images that accurately represent the African American community and the amazing businesses that they have built. 

I’m so excited to share a few of my favorites. Please keep in mind that like any order from any business there is always a wait time for items to be shipped. Many of these companies ship quick and some are selling made-to order items which in my opinion are great. Its imperative that we continue to add money to our communities and businesses. These businesses are not in any particular order and I trust that you will love the unique items that they have to offer and how these pieces will inspire your beautiful princess and handsome prince.

Blended Designs has created a brand of book bag, totes and organizational tools with fun characters that represent our princesses and princes representing a broad range of melanin skin tones. They have set a goal to provide gear to students that encourages them to be their best. Their products are made to be sturdy so that kids can count on them to work. The brand is also committed to giving students in less-advantaged schools free gear with the help of local community organizations.

Blended Design African American Inspired Book BagBlended Design African American Inspired Book Bag










Innovative Supplies was created to provide inspiring school supplies that showcase African-Americans in positive setting, represents African American inspired films and influential people in society. 

African American Inspired School Supplies

African American Inspired School Supplies








Moe Melanin was created as a way to counteract a lot of the negative stereotypes surrounding Black People. They understand that they can’t completely change how the media chooses to portray us but they can definitely do their part by providing more images of us that are unified, positive, and empowering.

African American Inspired School SuppliesAfrican American Inspired School Supplies













Because of Them We Can was initially a campaign started by the amazing photographer, Eunique Jones. Her vision was to photograph children representing important Black historical figures for each day of Black history month. You can now purchase tops, bags, calendars, and other items that carry her campaign’s powerful slogan and famous kids photography.

African American Inspired School Supplies