Abrupt Interruption


I want to be clear the push pass the past was not easy. I was in a lolabind state (place that I presume to be but I’m truly not), think I’m in a lace of freedom and I’m really not…It came with a price and generous amount of mistakes. I know that you may think that an abortion should not cause so much of an abruption, but it truly does. When there is an assignment on your life and we make the decision to hurt God, why would it not come with a price. Your price may not be my price but there is a price.

The fact that many years later I married and I got pregnant and gave birth from that very same man shows just how wounded I truly was. We are often led by misplaced emotion that being stuck seems like its first (1st) nature with no second (2nd) thought. Did the marriage last? No! That marriage did not last and out of that relationship our son was birthed and he’s my blessing. To know that I was walking in my freedom allows me to be as transparent as I am Today. To continuously push pass the obstacle that I was faced with I continue to kept my posture, on my face, before God. Prayer has been my safe haven. I had to give up any and all of my opinionated friends. In this transition in my life I have to surround myself with supportive friends that continue to push me to GREATNESS.

I needed to hear from God and allow HIM to heal me from the inside out, so that I can be healthy not just for myself but for the sake of my kids. I fasted frequently, I prayed minutely and the Altar was literally my 2nd home. The push was work Baby! There was a point and time that I was NOT willing to do. It was a walk that I did not want to take. But I am clear that the PRAYER OF THE RIGHTEOUS AVAILATH MUCH! 

After a 5 year marriage, tears and a hospital stay the PUSH was worth it! As a result of that abrupt interruption of my life I am able to help, someone else past past it ALL. 

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