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Buddha Teas Pair Well With Yoga

Did You Know That Yoga & Buddha Teas Are A Match In Heaven? 

Hello My Name is Turkesha and I’m a tea addict! Actually for as long as I can remember I have always had a love for tea. Tea just makes me so happy and calms me down after a long busy day. When I started my yoga journey again earlier this year I came across Buddha Teas online and I was instantly interested in their brand. If you have never heard of Buddha Teas, they  began as one man’s endeavor to bring quality natural tea to the rest of the world. Born in the U.K., John Boyd grew up heavily immersed in the culture of tea. After moving to America, however, he found the choices available in tea offered to be disappointingly limited. Thus inspired to create an expanded variety for tea lovers like himself, John began to explore the possibility of founding a tea company of his own. The name “Buddha Teas” was chosen not to reflect a religion, but a philosophy.

Are you wondering what sets Buddha Teas apart from other teas?

  • 100% Kosher
  • Organic & non-GMO
  • Bleach-free tea bags
  • Free of all additives & colors
  • 100% Recyclable Packaging




Buddha Teas has a host of teas that include: Herbal, Premium Blends, Green, Black, Specialty, Organic and Chakra Teas. I have definitely had my fair share of tea tasting in my life but when I took my first sip of their Crown Chakra Tea, it was simply amazing. Aligning your Chakra is a key essential during my yoga journey.  “Chakra” is the ancient Sanskrit word for the seven central points of energy that reside within, helping to balance our physical, emotional and spiritual state. Buddha Teas has done an amazing job with providing an amazing a line of chakra teas expertly crafted from herbs that resonate with each chakra, offering stimulating and flavorful teas empowered by the essence of crystals.



The crown of chakra is known as Sahaasrana, the seventh and final chakra in the chakra order. The crown chakra is located at the top of the head, and is represented by the blooming lotus, a symbol of spiritual awakening. This chakra is for understanding, spiritual awareness and self-knowledge. I drink the Chakra Crown early in the morning before my morning yoga practice and again in the late evening after my last practice of the day. The tea opened up my mind and allowed me to have a greater practice. The tea has a taste of fresh blooming flowers and herbs and works wonders for meditating and prayer. I definitely feel very in tuned with the Chakra Crown Buddha Tea. I have definitely will be adding additional Buddha Teas to my cupboards.

What do you pair with yoga?