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Bunny’s First Spring Book Review

**”I was provided a copy of “Bunny’s First Spring” in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own***

Seasons of Life

My eight-year-old has had a fascination with the wild bunnies that run and play around our yard since the purchase of our home and he has often asked me why do they disappear so when the opportunity arrived to review “Bunny’s First Spring” we were excited.

Bunny's First Spring, Naturalbabydol


“Bunny’s First Spring” is an amazing coming of age kids story that teaches kids about birth, life & season cycles. The story takes place in a country land where a bunny is born in the Spring and is excited to see what the new world has to offer. The Spring Bunny is very curious and adventurous. The days begin to pass and as the bunny grew he noticed so did the trees, grass and the days. The bunny had no idea that he was born in the Spring season and the weather was only warm for Spring and Summer, nor did he know that the flowers bloomed and the trees had beautiful leaves only during these seasons. Perhaps because he had no idea that he was a Spring Bunny!

As the days passed the Spring Bunny would hop along and see lambs learning to walk on wobbly legs, baby chicks from hatching eggs, robins singing from beautiful apple trees and crops growing that the farmers had planted to ensure a bountiful harvest. The Spring Bunny would hop through the fields enjoying the lovely songs that the birds sang and tumbling through the fields, simply enjoying life. The time begin to pass and the bunny soon noticed that the wind grew cold and the shadows grew long. The bunny even grew a warm coat but he had no idea that the seasons were changing. The bunny looked up to the apple tree and asked “Are you sick? but the tree never answered. The bunny begin notice that the birds were no longer singing, the flowers were no longer blooming and the stream froze. The bunny wondered if his friends had died but they were simply sleeping. You see since this was the Bunny’s first winter it was a new experience much like when he was first-born. He was curious and asked his parents questions about what was happening. The weather turned colder and snow begin to form as time passed and the bunny headed for his burrow. Once inside his burrow he started to feel sleepy. The Spring Bunny went to sleep and one day when he awoke it was Spring again. The snow begin to melt away and he could see the flowers ready to bloom again and he was happy to finally see his friends again.

When I received the book for a review I read the book and gave it to my 8-year-old who instantly understood the concept of the book. The book answered questions that my son had asked me about the bunnies that run freely in our yard. He enjoyed how the book explained the changing of seasons and the curious nature of the Spring Bunny. This is a great book to give to curious little ones that are not sure why the seasons change and what that entails.



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