Walking alongside a man not realizing what is taking place because as a woman you enjoy the moment. The man say, “Why are you dragging along”. My arm was wrapped around his and it did not dawn on me that I was walking steps behind him I until he addressed it.
I commend this guy for addressing this and not realizing the freedom that came with that one statement.

It’s amazing how we sometimes live in a situation and once we are delivered or forced into a new way of life that a conditioned behavior has set inside of us.
While being married for 5 years, it did not matter where we were he always walked ahead of me. So I allowed my self to be conditioned to walk behind my husband, my protector, my mate… As a result I found no worth in myself.

In this moment while driving home from walking in the park with this man, that I found simply amazing I was fRee from that condition. I find myself piecing together the fact that I am building the ME that matters. You never know how a hurtful situation has conditioned your mindset until you ask for real deliverance and a true reality of where you are or some one created a pure vision of you through their eyes.
I am so grateful of the WERE that I am that brings me to a quick checkup as to the worth that I have and the woman who I am becoming. My healing makes me so healthy.

So find the that YOU, be the she that steps out of the box that has been created for you. It may take some numbs along the way but remember you are the Philippians 4:13 kind of woman. You are the trendsetter and Victory delayed does not mean denied.