Media Girl

Conversations with Zane

Black Women Film 2018 – Atlanta


Hello Darlings! I hope that you all had an amazing weekend! It’s ok if a few of you are dragging this morning since the time changed. In fact I’m trying to Reclaim My Time back as I sit on my messy bed and write this post! As many of you know I’m located in Atlanta and there is always something going on and this past weekend I had the privilege to attend the 2018 Black Women Film Summit/Conference. Oh did I mention that Zane would be there too?

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The Black Women Film Network cultivates people within the film industry. The organization was created to help increase the number of women of all cultures in the film industry. They seek to preserve the voice of Black Women and the unheard part of Black History through empowerment and education.

"Black Women In Film" "Naturalbabydol" "Film" "McIvy Media" "Zane" "Sex Chronicles" "Addicted" "Media Girl"

My saturday afternoon was nothing short of amazing. The moment that I arrived I was greeted with love from beautiful sisters that had traveled to take part in this amazing experience. You could just feel the SISTERHOOD from the parking lot. There were a host of classes and demonstrations that ranged from Comedy, Kid Actors to Screen Writing. 

As the sessions came to a close I was excited about the Conversations with New York Best Selling Author Zane. The audience was glued to her every word and was just as captivated in real life with her as they are hanging on for dear life reading every word as they rapidly flip through the pages of her best sellers like Addicted and Sex Chronicles.