DARE 2 ASPIRE 2014 Conference



The 4th Annual Dare2Aspire Conference began on this past Friday night with a networking mixer held at the Sheraton located at Cobb Galleria that was hosted by Dea Win of Pretty Girls Rock Dresses. The network mixer was a great opportunity for attendees of the conference, bloggers, speakers and vendors to have round tables with each other and get to know one another one on one. Once everyone arrived and enjoyed the great Hors d’oeuvre’s that were being served the guest were asked to network with the people located at your table then after ten minutes you would switch tables and sit with a new set of people who you had never met before to connect and network with them. The networking that was commencing in the room on Friday was absolutely priceless! There was someone there to meet another persons need or to help them with an issue that they were struggling with in their business. The mixer also included a small panel of four of our Speakers whom answered questions for the room throughout the networking event. The mixer panel consisted of Stacey Ferguson, Co-Founder of Blogalicious; Dr. Amos Johnson, Creating A Profitable God-Inspired Business; Michelle Ketterman, No Limits and Agatha Achindu of Yummy Spoonfuls.

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On Day Two of Dare2Aspire women from all over the U.S. were welcome by Tosi the Founder of Dare2Aspire and My Good Nanny during the registration and networking breakfast. The day was filled with a wealth of knowledge that all attendees learned from each speaker that spoke to the crowd. Each Speaker deposited nuggets into everyone’s lives. Dr. Amos instructed us to know the three characteristics of your business while Dr. Tosha Rogers lead us through an amazing journey of how against all odds she was determined to succeed. Liza Huber, the CEO of Sagespoonfuls taught us that we must believe in ourselves, do your research and have all of our documentation, trademarks and patents in place. The exciting Michelle Ketterman told us to know our mission and taught the importance of social media. Krista Whitey lead us through her compelling story of what events in her life lead her to be the successful businesswoman that she is today while Talking with Tami spoke about how she makes a living from her passion. Stacey the co-founder of the famous annual blogging conference Blogalicious was awesome as she taught us all how to literally start blogging on a shoestring budget to get profitable results. Stacey reinstated that you must know where your blog lives and our keynote speaker Susan Petersen who is the CEO and Founder of Freshly Picked, a baby moccasins spoke about how to turn $200 into a million dollars. Susan took us through five simple steps to success:

1. Start where you are, do what you can and use what you have

2. Write it down

3. Be Determined, Be Passionate and Be Responsible

4. Give yourself a warrior name

5. Work hard and be nice.

And last but not least she said figure out what role you will play and then assign others roles. This was my first year and definitely not my last. I would encourage every mommy that is thinking about stepping out and starting a business to attend this conference. The energy that you receive from the ladies is amazing and what’s better than to have fellow women whom all feel like you, are at a peak in their life and ready for change. I would like to say a very special THANK YOU to Tosi for a wonderful conference and experience and until next time have a Bless Night and enjoy the pictures from the conference.


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