Day 1 of 30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Blessing Others

My day started around 6:30AM. Today was our live in-person communion sunday. Today was the first in-house that we’ve had in 8 months. The day started out amazing from Communion via zoom with the Elders, Leaders, Staff and Volunteers to one of the most profound messages from Pastor Bryant. Did I mention that we even had a service inside a virtual reality world? The day was definitely a great day to just be Grateful for God’s abundance of Blessings.

This picture may not look like much but this exact scenery blessed my life on today.

As my day serving in ministry for the top half of my day I proceeded to take the long ride home I began to think about the goodness of God and all of the amazing things that he has blessed me with my entire life. I noticed that the gas tank was on empty so I skipped a few gas stations before finally stopping to one to fill up my tank. As I was driving into to gas station I noticed a man who appeared to be homeless sitting on the curb. As I passed him we made eye contact and exchanged a friendly smile. There was just something about him that had a sparkle. He wasn’t up nor was he there begging or harassing patrons. He was simply enjoying his space. As I finished pumping my gas I was prompted to go inside the store in order to get my receipt since the gas machine was obviously out of paper. Before I entered the store I remembered that I always have a few dollars in my wristlet so I looked inside and noticed I had about $4 neatly tucked away. I proceeded to enter the store to retain my receipt and as I was leaving out the store I walked over and greeted the gentleman and passed him the crisp folded dollars in my hands. The man’s face instantly lit up and he looked at me and said this is exactly the amount that I needed to purchase me some food from the restaurant that was near the gas station. I told him have a great day and walked back to my car.

What a way to kick off my Day 1 of 30 Days of Gratitude? So many times we look for the million dollar idea, huge mansion and fancy car when there are so many things around us to be grateful for. Today I am grateful to simply be a blessing to someone else. This month I will share a daily post for the entire month that show my gratitude for God’s continuous blessings in my life.

I urge you to take a few minutes and watch this life changing video. I would love for you to join me for my November 30 Days of Gratitude Blog Challenge.

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