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Delayed Doesn’t Mean Denied


Today’s diary entry is about embracing delayed moments in life. This is a discussion that affects everyone at some point in their life. I guess in my case it has affected mine more often than I could have ever expected. The fact is I have been experiencing this since perhaps high school. I remember as a teenager thinking that I wasn’t good enough or I wasn’t the expectations that was sought. The things that flow through your head are limitless. I’m that girl who always thinks that I have it sealed, signed and delivered. Some may call it Cocky but I call it Confident. 

Delayed But Not Denied


It wasn’t until I was well into my adult life that I began to learn that Delayed doesn’t mean Denied. As my faith grew in Christ I learned that there are simply seasons and everyone’s season doesn’t happen when they expect or want it to. God has already preordained our life and the road map to our success and failures. Yes failures and God knows that I have had my fair share of them from business ideas to my relationships.

I wish that I could say that the feeling of sometimes being rejected goes away as if a fairy came down and sprinkled fairy dust everywhere but that would be a lie. Even at the age of 42 I sometimes find myself dealing with being delayed or rejected and it doesn’t get any easier yet manageable. Just because a person is older it doesn’t mean that they don’t deal with situations or emotions that they did as a child or young adult. This past week I decided to step out on faith and do something that I have never done. Lord knows that it was scary but my confidence kicked in on another level and I just knew that I had this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity in the bag. I stalked my email for three days patiently awaiting that email to arrive titled Re: SELECTED and guess what? Today is Saturday and as of 12:45AM it still hasn’t arrived and I AM OK!

In this moment in time as I sit in my bed late in the Midnight hour I come to grips with it being okay. It’s a small delay but that doesn’t mean that God has denied me. It only means that he has greater for me and GREATNESS takes time to marinate and grow. I know that at times it may seem like your delayed and everyone else is having their moment. I urge you to simply trust the process. When its your time you will SHINE!




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