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Disney’s Pixar Coco Review & 5 Takeaway Life Lessons

The kids and I had the opportunity to attend a VIP/Press private screening of Disney’s Pixar, CoCo. The animation giant provides a loving tribute to Mexican culture through a bright & colorful Dia de los Muertos (Day of The Dead) story. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TRAILER!

The story begins with the film’s hero Miguel Rivera, a 12-year-old kid who lives in a small village of Santa Cecila whose dream is to sing and play the guitar but his family of shoemakers absolutely forbid him from becoming a musician. Miguel finds an old torn picture that he assumes is World renowned Ernesto de la Cruz, the Mexican Elvis and his long-lost great-great-grandfather. Miguel’s great-great-grandfather deserted his family and was on the road trying to become a famous singer. His daughter, Mama Coco is presently sitting in her room silently in old age and slowly losing memories of her Papa daily. 

"Disney" "Coco" "Family" "Family Movie" "Naturalbabydol"

Miguel disobeys his family and wishes to enter a contest but don’t have a guitar because his family smashed his so he decides to steal the one sitting in memory of Ernest de la Cutz. By stealing the guitar from the de la Cruz mausoleum, he’s cursed. Miguel is in the grave yard and encounters some of his family who have passed over and have crossed back over to spend time with his family. In Mexican culture they believe that on the “Day of The Dead” your family has the opportunity to cross over and spend one day. However, keep in mind that the only way that your family can cross back over on the Day of The Dead, their family had to have a picture of you on the memory board. 

"Disney" "Coco" "Family" "Family Movie" "Naturalbabydol"

Miguel must cross a bridge of magical marigold petals to the underworld on Dia de Muertos to beg forgiveness and perhaps have the opportunity to meet his late, great-great-gandfather before being permitted to re-enter the land of the living. Once he crosses over it seems like a journey that takes a day lasts for over a week. Miguel’s journey takes him throughout the underworld and throughout his journey he uncovers and discovers secrets that were buried and some that are unknown and revealed during his journey. Miguel may very well be the key to communicating with Coco!

"Disney" "Coco" "Family" "Family Movie" "Naturalbabydol"

The graphics and animation is in my opinion on of the best. My kids and I loved the way that the story came together to teach others about a different culture which was a huge hit for me. I will not ruin the movie for anyone reading that may have not had the opportunity to see it. I will leave you with 5 Life Lessons from Coco:

  1. Always Believe In Yourself
  2. Follow Your Dreams
  3. Embrace Other Cultures
  4. Things Are Not What They Appear To Be
  5. Keeping Secrets Ruins Families

Miguel will learn that looks can be very deceiving and Family over Everything. It’s definitely a movie that you will want to take the entire family to enjoy! Be sure to check back in and let us know WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF THE MOVIE.



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