Doing Life Together
Diary, Relationships


Dear Diary,

The past few weeks I have been finding myself awaking around 4AM daily and not being able to go back to sleep. What once was my resting hour has now become my praying hour. My traditional 3AM prayer time has shifted to an hour later. The past weeks prayer has been amazing and today after prayer I had a thought about what I truly wanted out of a relationship. So many times in a relationship we go in it with high expectations rather than taking a moment to truly learn one another’s characteristics. After all isn’t the goal to be complete with one another? Shouldn’t we each become that missing puzzle piece?

Doing Life Together

Far too many times we enter into a relationship with past expectations, scars and unrealistic goals. In reality when we enter into a new relationship it’s really a fresh start. It’s the beginning of something that could truly be something amazing if both parties are open to making it work. The key to survival is ensuring that God is the added ingredient to the recipe. I intend to be his peace. The one person that he can run the craziest idea by and the person he tells his deepest secrets. There’s no realistic logic that there will not be rough patches but if we’re truly doing life together there isn’t any obstacle that we can’t overcome together.

Doing Life Together

Over the past months I’ve observed couples online and in person that are simply doing life together. What I mean by that is they are simply living daily and enjoying one another without any superficial expectations that society places on relationships. I dawned on me that in my next relationship I want us to worship and love God in unison while doing life together. I intend to be that mate that will support your wildest dream or vision in return my expectation is for you to sow words of affirmation into my life while we do life together. Let’s take wild adventures together, eat at exotic restaurants and support one another’s dream.