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Ellie Active Wear December Box #LoveEllie #AD

**The following post is sponsored by Ellie. I’m an Ellie Active Wear Influencer and I was provided a free  subscription box in exchange for my opinions, They are, as always, my very own. This post may also include affiliate links.**


Darlings! Can you believe that it’s December? Like were totally about to begin a new year in less than a week. My goodness time flies by when you’re having fun. So if you follow my yoga & fitness journey on Instagram which you all should be doing…LIKE SERIOUSLY stop what you’re doing and follow me like right now! Instagram. Twitter. Have you guys heard of Ellie Active Wear?

"Ellie Active Wear" "Fitness" "Yoga" "Naturalbabydol" Healthy Lifestyle" "Gym" "Active Wear" "Yoga Apparel"

This month I had the pleasure of trying out my very first Ellie Active Wear Box. Just in case you haven’t heard of Ellie allow me to introduce you to this amazing brand. This is a non-obligation subscription box which means you can totally cancel anytime you want. Cool Right? Well these guys are so awesome that they give you two options to subscribe. The first is the $39.95 subscription that will include 3 pieces which contains a sports bra, shirt and pants. Listen! Who can afford to beat that deal? I love switching up my yoga & fitness gear. I often get several request about what I am wearing and where they can purchase the items so having the option to build my workout apparel is music to my ears. The second option is the $49.95 which includes 5 pieces, your sports bra, shirt, pants and two pieces of workout equipment of some sort. Honestly a pair of they’re super cute pants cost more than the entire box.

"Ellie Active Wear" "Ellie" "Fitness" "Yoga" "Subscription Box" "Exercise" "Healthy Living" "Naturalbabydol"


Listen I intentionally stayed off of Ellie’s Instagram page so that I would be surprised when I received my box, in fact I did an unboxing on my new YouTube channel. Check the video out below!


For those of you who actively workout or practice yoga then you already know that it’s so important to have the best apparel possible that will allow you to stretch, run, lift weights and of course sweat! LOL! I find myself always searching for the perfect workout apparel that’s also appealing to the eye. Seriously, who wants to workout in ugly apparel? Says no one ever! I can honestly say that since I have been following Ellie there has never been one piece that I wasn’t in love with from the moment I laid eyes on their monthly picks. I absolutely love the fact that they include a few pieces of equipment that you can use in the comfort of your own home. After all everyone isn’t a die-hard fitness buff! The December box that I received had 5 amazing pieces:

Luxe Tank Top:

Imagine getting a great workout and looking gorgeous. This December I was a star in my Luxe Tank Top. Did I mention that it has a super adorable open detail mesh drape back? The Dry Wik finish helps when I have an high-intensity workout on the circuit course. This is definitely a top that can go from yoga practice to afternoon lunch with the girls. It goes well with a pair of cute boyfriend jeans.

Remi Sports Bra:

The Remi sports bra is perfect for light to intense workouts. I love the comfort of this sports bra and the mesh overlay is great for ventilation. The bra also has removable cup pads and features a crisscross strap for added support.

Track Ankle Legging:

The track ankle legging are designed with dynamic style for use in or out of the gym. The bold color block design, flat waistband and moisture wicking fabric make these the perfect leggings for working out of lounging around the house. 

Jump Rope:

Who doesn’t love a great cardio workout and the adjustable 10” jump rope is the perfect fitness and features soft comfortable handles for griping and helps when you work up a sweat. You can throw it on your bag and go! I love that its compact and easy for traveling.

Hot & Cold Clay Pack:

The Hot & Cold Clay Pack provides relief for those after workout sessions when you have sore muscles.

"Ellie Active Wear" "Fitness" "Yoga" "Naturalbabydol" Healthy Lifestyle" "Gym" "Active Wear" "Yoga Apparel"

Let me know if you have any questions about the December Box or my workout regimen! If you’re interested in ordering the January box click here.