My Experience As An Colgate Ambassador At The 21st Essence Festival

Where should I start? The first day of the Essence Music Festival was a day full of tweets, instagram pictures and meeting new people. My day started around 7am and really didn’t end until 2am. Why you ask? If you have ever attended an Essence Festival before than you already know what it entails but if this is your first time like mine..we’ll you soon learn that your schedule will be full of non-stop running from event to event on top of work. That is if you’re here to work like I am. I can truly say that I am bless!

I was afforded an opportunity by Blink to be one of the Colgate Blogger Ambassadors during the 21st Annual Essence Festival which allowed me to help an amazing company get the word out about health wellness. If you have been following me on my road to Essence then you are familiar with my Instagram & Twitter post on my family and I making the decision to live a healthier lifestyle. We even implemented a workout regimen and changed the way that we eat. During my tenure as one of the Colgate Ambassadors  I was excited to have the opportunity to meet Tanya Winfield. She was Biggest Loser Season 15 Contestant. I can recall watching her on the show and being amazed at her continuous accomplishments and progress on her journey to living a healthier life. Tanya provided amazing healthy tips to the audience and her fans daily and spared not a moment to demonstrate simple exercises that you could do while walking or even while sitting at your desk. I was a pleasure to meet and speak with Tanya.


You can find everyone at the Essence Festival. Women and Celebrities come from all over to attend the annual event. I spotted Tank, Chante Moore, Tomiko, Cynthia, Soladad and Mary Mary and so much more.







This was just the mid high light of my day. Stay tuned for my evening recap. See you later!



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