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Fox Empire Episode #7 Lucious Finally Tears Up That Cookie

Lord where do I begin! This weeks Empire episode was full of so many flips and turns I don’t even have a voice because I was screaming at the dam television for am hour on last night, not to mention that my cell was ringing off the hook! Everyone knows not to bother me when my show is on! Let me calm down!

On Episode #7 of Empire Lucious has a huge show presentation set up to present to potential investors of his Empire and he needs everything to go exactly as he has it planned but his ride or die chick Cookie rushes into his office yelling and demanding an answer from him and all of a sudden he has an ASL attack and keels over. I never thought that Cookie would shut up but that did it. Lucious just falls over and it shocked the shit out of her and the ambulance was called.

Fox EmpireThe true turning point in Lucious, Anika and Cookie’s weird relationship was that awkward moment when he’s in the back of the ambulance and the ladies are debating about whose the wife and Lucious responds with his half twisted mouth which looks like he’s had a stroke that he wants Anika to ride. We all know that he really wanted Cookie but I can imagine that in the back of his head he was thinking ” Anika might not be a ride or die chick but her bougie ass might poison my food at home”. BOL! Plus Lucious has to stick around to ensure that Empire is in good hands so he better make the right decision when dealing with that wolf in sheep clothing.

Fox Empire

I couldn’t for life of me get over how he just left Cookie standing there. I mean doesn’t he know that Boo Boo Kitty is a snake. I guess he will soon learn. Meanwhile Michael decides that he just can’t take that Jamal has a daughter and although he only had sex with a girl once that’s basically all it takes so lets see how this pans out. Speaking of that little cutie. Her trifling mother AKA Raven Symone left that beautiful baby on the dam elevator in Empire. Talk about trifling! Raven come back and get that baby!

Cookie rushes to the hospital trying to figure out what in the world is going on with Lucious because she is genuinely concerned. I mean she did birth that bastard three sons and took the charge too! If that’s not a true ride or die then I don’t know who is. I thought that Cookie was going to knock the hospital door down but she didn’t. Now remember that Lucious is in the hospital sick as a dog yet on a call during the board meeting. This bastard is dying on the phone. So Boo Boo Kitty takes over and Lucious tells them that he wants Elle to open and Anika gets piss.

The show of course must go on and everyone starts to arrive for the show. Anika gets pissed because Elle is cleaned and she just can stand to say that Cookie was right so what does she do? She has to ruin the moment by spiking Elle’s drink which makes Elle appear to be high when Cookie finds her in the restroom. Needless to say that Cookie is pissed because she has to tell Lucious which means that the two brothers must steal the show! Lets stop here I can’t stand Anika and I am sure that she will get just what her ass deserves in the end. The brothers steal the show and while they are on performing Lucious is not able to breathe so he is unable to go out and speak with the potential IPO crowd. Needless to say that Anika just assumes that she will be the chosen one but no hun its Cookie!

Cookie is a true ride or die chick! In fact the IPO crowd thought that it was genius to have his ex-wife come out and talk shit about him and the amazing things about the company. The great thing is that Cookie knows that company, hell they started it together and she’s the backbone of the Empire! I am sure that eventually Lucious will truly find out that Anika tried to sabotage Cookie which means she tried to sabotage him. Think about it! It’s all on company! Anika leaves to catch a flight to Chicago and Lucious takes the family back to the Empire Mansion to have a family talk. Here’s another turning point! If Anika was really family then why wasn’t she there with the family when he told them that he’s sick and dying. Hmm…Things to ponder upon! Once he breaks the news everyone is speechless and then some of the kids begin to go ham! The younger sons are more concerned with their father living rather than who will take over the Empire but not Andre! Let’s talk about Andre for a second! While Lucious is worrying about Jamal being gay he needs to be worrying about his crazy ass son Andre who wants him dead and his devious blonde devil of a wife.


Cookie never really says anything in fact she’s in shock. Total Shock! Lucious asks Cookie to dance and then they discuss the song playing in the background that he wrote for her and then comes the kiss that we have all been waiting for…BOOM!


Then you already know! Straight to the BEDROOM BABY!!! Did anyone notice that when Lucious ripped his shirt not one button flew off?



Hunty! Lucious handsome ass is obviously giving to Cookie! Cookie has obviously sweated out her press! Cookie where are your clips girl? A picture is worth a thousand words! Boom!



Wait! Boo Boo Kitty YOU MAD OR NAH?

There’s only four episodes left for the season! See you all next week!


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