When is the last time you planted a seed? When we think of planting seeds often times sowing money comes to mind. That’s one way to sow a seed but there are also so many other ways that you can sow. You can text someone a kind word, buy a stranger a cup of coffee or lunch, volunteer, give up a parking space to someone, leaving a kind note or bouquet of flowers on a co-workers desk. These are just a few of the ways that you can sow.

God works in mysterious ways. The past years I have found myself sowing in all of the above ways plus so many more ways. If I can be honest at one point it took a major toil on me sowing and pouring into everyone only to find out that when I was in need there was no one to return the love. It took me some lessons of tough love to realize that you can’t do unto others as they do unto you. Once I was delivered from that issue I found myself sowing into people like a kid in the candy store. There is something so gratifying about helping other people.

My charge to you is if you haven’t done so already. Make time this week and plant a few seeds into someone or something. There’s a season to plant and a season to harvest the key is understanding that when you plant your seed it will not make its grand appearance until its ordained by God.

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