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How Believing In God Was A Blessing To Me Before & After I Lost My Job

Good Morning! Today I just have to take a moment and personally thank GOD! I have always been a Woman of Faith and put my trust in GOD. This morning I’m reflecting on how GOD has continued to show up and show out. A little over a year ago I was laid off from my International Social Media & Brand Manager position. No I had no idea that it would happen so soon. Yes I knew that it was coming but was a bit thrown back by the actual date that I was given as my last day. As a matter of fact I probably has at least a week or two’s notice. THATS ALL!

Can we really talk? Now my flesh told me to search day and night for another job. YES THE FLESH IS A MESS! Of course I listened to my flesh until it almost ran me the break of a mini depression but MY GOD stepped in and brought me into remembrance of when I had gotten saved over 15 years ago, how I had trusted him and not man and where he has brought me from. The Lord reminded me of how at the age of 12 or 13 I had worked with John Carthon at his family’s laundry mat business, how his mother a Woman of God had instilled golden nuggets in me that would last a lifetime. It was this brief encounter with working that led me to learn how to save money. My mother had always taught me about saving and knowing when to spend. I began saving money at a very young age. I can recall the very first time that I received an income tax refund. I actually saved my entire check for a year. Actually this became a norm for me. I would spend some of my income tax refund in the year to follow. Stay with me, I’m showing how GOOD GOD IS!

When I first got saved it was under Bishop & Apostle Dortch of Christian New Life Ministry. Over the years to come I would watch my Apostle demonstrate to me how to be a WOMAN OF GOD & FAITH. The values that were instilled from CNLD are those that will always be apart of me. Its a powerful thing when you have an amazing start to greatness. The life lessons that I was taught and continue to be taught are the basis for my strong belief in GOD. Thank you Apostle Dortch!

Throughout the years I learned to save money and only spend on what I needed which would prove to be a blessing to me in the Future. Fast forward to the present day. There I was in July of 2014 jobless with absolutely no prospects on a new career but what I did have been a hefty saving, my income tax refund from 2013 and a 401 K that I opted to cash out to keep my family afloat. Oh did I mention that I had purchased a house a few years before I lost my job and that I have a child in college. YEP! ALL OF THAT!

BUT MY GOD! My faith in God led me to discover and stir up the gifts that he blessed me with and with prayer and the gift to listen he directed me as to how to use them. Over the past year I have been able to blog full-time, my mortgage is always paid on time, all of my bills are paid and I haven’t had to blink an eye to worry about how I would make it throughout the year. I can’t say that every month I bring in my set goal for finances BUT with my gift of knowing how to mange my finances I have continued to maintain my same lifestyle and its only because of GOD!

In fact over the last year not only have I been able to be home with my family, I have been able to work with some of the most amazing people. God opened up doors unto me that no man can close! As 2015 comes to an amazing end and I step into another year of Excellence, Abundance & Prosperity I know that its only because of MY GOD!


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