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How To Make Thrills

The kids and I had a great day outside playing in the pool and with the hot weather that we are experiencing it’s always helpful to have a refreshing cold treat for them while the are outside. Today I decided to make one of their favorite treats which we call Thrills and I’m sure that everyone that reads this post will have their own unique name for this delicious treat. Thrills are super easy to make and only require a few ingredients that are interchangeable depending on your families dietary needs. The kids all decided that they wanted two different flavors for this batch of Thrills so we used two different types of flavors. Let’s Get Started!

Items Needed:


  1. Decide what type of flavored drink or juice that you will use and add more sugar to make the thrill sweeter.
  2. Pour desired drink in cup and place a spoon or popsicle stick inside for the handleThrills, Naturalbabydol
  3. Place inside a cupcake pan to ensure that the cups do not fall or use a cookie sheet to place them on while in the freezer. Thrills, Naturalbabydol
  4. If your making multiple layers than pour one color in the cup and freeze for 30 minutes then repeat the same steps to add more layers. Thrills, Naturalbabydol
  5. Continue to freeze for a few hours until the Thrill completely hardens.
  6. Serve.

**You can also add fruit, candy or gummy worms for special treats. The kids love that too.**





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