"Lunette" "Menstrual Cup" "Aunt Flo" "Menstrual Cycle"

Why I’m Ditching Tampons For The Lunette

Move Over Tampons, Now There’s Lunette

I’m sure when you read the title you instantly thought to yourself “Oh No She Didn’t” and I am here to tell you, Yes I did. Let’s have an intimate, TMI conversation for a moment. I was that girl in school that patiently awaited Aunt Flo but that heifer just never wanted to visit. Can you remember back when you were younger and your parents had to sign the permission slip for you to take health because the teacher would be discussing your reproductive organs, sex and starting your period? We’ll I just so happened to be that girl who never started her cycle early. I was literally 17.5 before Aunt Flo decided to visit me. Which was cool after a while. I can recall the whispers of young girls being humiliated by boys because they noticed a huge red spot or they could see their bulky maxi pad poking out. I wonder why Lunette wasn’t available back in the day.

"Lunette" "Menstrual Cup" "Aunt Flo" "Menstrual Cycle"

I told my Mother that when Aunt Flo finally came I was never wearing those gross maxi pads but instead I would wear tampons. Actually as I entered College, Tampons and I were BFF’s. I never really had a problem with them other than I always had to wear the Super Plus. IKR! The truth is I always had a super heavy flow. I chalk it off to starting so dam late but some say that smaller girls have them as well which I’m sure is probably a myth.

"Lunette" "Menstrual Cup" "Aunt Flo" "Menstrual Cycle"

We’ll even after having three all natural births (Yes they were all without any meds…I’m The CHAMP) I still found myself having heavy cycles and I still continued using tampons but what I noticed as I got older it seems like I use more than when I was younger. I know that may sound strange but when you notice that your running through a jumbo box of tampons, its time for a change.

"Lunette" "Menstrual Cup" "Aunt Flo" "Menstrual Cycle"

As an influencer I have some fellow influencer friends who have all raved about replacing the traditional menstrual cycle products with the newest trend to hit the scenes, The Lunette Menstrual Cup. I was a bit skeptical because I thought they had all wandered off to LA-LA Island and the fact that I have a retroverted uterus, which means that mine is tilted uterus/tipped uterus so at first it was a bit difficult to insert. The instructions tell you the following:

  1. Wash your hands and get comfy.
  2. Fold the cup in on itself to make flat, then in half to form a C shape
  3. Insert but keep it rolled up and guide it rim-first into the vagina.(Make sure that you are relaxed)
  4. Wear and Learn

I did discover that it took me a few try each time I re-inserted the Lunette to ensure that it was fitting correctly since my uterus is tilted but after I got the hang of it after trying it this month I think that I definitely have a winner. I will say that I need the model 2 which is for normal to heavier flows versus the model 1 that I tried which is for light to moderate flows (which I used). Oh and I had no cramps! YIPPEEEE!

The only concern that I had with the cup was what if I am at an event and I need to clean the cup but I found out that they carry wipes for cleaning on the go but really…who doesn’t want to rinse and fully clean their cup. I cleaned mine every time I dumped it. It was at first a bit messy but after I got the hang of it, everything was great.

Have you tried the Lunette? What were your thoughts?