KFC Chicken & Waffle


Hey Darlings! Unless you’ve been under a rock I am sure that you all heard about the latest marketing campaign that Kentucky Fried Chicken AKA KFC launched this past week on Veteran’s Day, Chicken & Waffles. I saw the buzz online via Facebook but I wasn’t sure if it was REAL NEWS or FAKE NEWS until my spiritual sister, Dominique AKA “Precious” when she’s in full foodie mood posted a status that she was considering heading there to grab a taste. Keep in mind that we’re in Bi-Polar Atlanta and we’ve been having a rainy cold front the entire week but Listen when “Precious” gets in the mood she makes her grand appearance. 

KFC Chicken and Waffles

As you all can see “Precious” gets what “Precious” wants! Listen when she posted this image I knew that I would be in the KFC line bright and early in the morning waiting for them to open. If you haven’t already be sure to grab Dominique’s NEW book “But I’m A Church Girl”.

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Fast Forward to the next day at 4AM my mouth began to water thinking about trying this new KFC soon to be FAN FAVE. I found myself surfing the web for a few around 7AM and I ran across another favorite, Dayum Drops Entertainment. He’s hilarious yet brutally honest. Check out his review.


So just imagine with all of the buzz from these two that it was only naturally that I would take a chance and give this new Chicken & Waffles Menu addition a try. Please keep in mind that I am probably one of most pickiest eater there is but the hype had me sold. My oldest son and I headed to our local KFC. Hey I was so thirsty to give the Chicken & Waffles a try that I forgot that I was in my night-clothes. Yeah the hunger struggle was REAL. Upon arriving we learned that KFC is not only NOW serving Chicken & Waffles but they are also giving you about 5 different options on ordering this new treat. We both decided that we would try the Chicken & Waffles sandwich. Trust me it was GREAT CHOICE!


KFC Chicken & Waffles

Here’s my review that I posted via Instagram.

Listen KFC debuts Chicken & Waffles along with their Honey 🍯 Hot Chicken Sandwich and I’m here for it!
I’m a picky eater and honestly this is THE BEST CHICKEN SANDWICH that I’ve ever had in my life!
The waffle is savory with a hint of sweetness. The chicken is cooked to perfection and the crispy. Did I mention that it’s a perfect balance of sweet and spice. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
My suggestion is RUN and grab you one today! KFC you’re killing the food game right now!

KFC Chicken & Waffle



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