My best friend and I often talk about how you can meet your soul mate yet its not destined for the two of you to be together. Although this isn’t a proven hypothesis from our experience its often a topic of conversation between us. A few weeks or a month ago I shared a personal experience that I had when I met a King on last year. We’ll that wasn’t the end of the story. In fact it was only a quick insight of this life changing experience. I’ve learned that all experiences between a man and woman aren’t always physical with touching or caressing one another but physical internally.

I’ve had a relationship since my divorce but it wasn’t one that would led to anything serious. It’s one of those things when you feel like your completely healed from a past hurt but in reality its a temporary fix. The person was someone that I had known for over 16 years and who I could call a great friend. We’ll a great friend until he revealed his true manipulating demeanor and intention. Needless to say when a woman feels like she can be herself with you and has no problem sharing her inner self and then you turn around and break her heart trust me there is NO RETURN from that point.

YEARS LATER>>> Years had past and suddenly when I’ve healed and moved on with building my life that person makes a quick appearance and I found myself feeling all of those old emotions as they slowly attempted to make a grand entrance. I was determined to never ever be in that space again. I found myself feeling hurt again simply from memories and it was at that moment I knew that I had to shake that thing. I quietly told myself that my heart would never mend.


FAST FORWARD>> There I was in the latter part of 2018 and out of the blue I meet a King. This King isn’t a man who is interested in how amazing my body looks, my outer beauty or what he can gain from our relationship but interested in digging deep down in my inner soul to see the beauty that I possess. Listen there was and still is just something kindred about him. The extent of our physical touch since meeting him has only been a hug as we said our goodbyes before leaving the movie set. We continued our conversation via messaging. I’m normally not that woman that communicates that way but when you’re both movers and shakers building something it just works in our favor. The moments when we talk we’re both sowing into one another with words of affirmation and encouragement. As a woman its so imperative that we learn that sometimes the most intimate moments are when you have someone motivating and pushing you to another level without trying to receive anything in return. They see your value and worth.

I had no idea that during these brief moments that this King was mending my heart. Our friendship started as a happen chance meeting that led to him helping mend and open my heart. This experience has taught me that many of us come across a King that’s specifically assigned to us for a brief moment in time. I didn’t realize it at the time but every time that we would talk he would always asks me “How is your heart?” I reluctantly answered countless times until one day it hit me! There was a purpose behind him asking. One day I was writing and was led to go back and read a few of our conversations. To my surprise over a course of time my responses about my heart dramatically changed. My responses went from simply OK, It Could Be Better to Great! It’s in those moments that I had an AH HA moment and realized that this amazing King had not only mended my broken heart but assisted in opening it for Future Love. Life is crazy that way! We go through life seeking answers and so many times God sends an angel, a sign or like in my case a King! It’s truly up to us if we’re ready to be open and honest so that we can be totally healed and prepared for our NEXT. I can truly say that God placed him on my path. There were so many barriers and distractions trying to keep me from heading to the movie set on that particular day but I persevered and the reward was truly GREAT! Many times the best friendships and/or relationships are those that only involve the both of you encouraging and planting words of affirmation into one another. To the King that God placed on my path (You know who you are)….. I say Thank you for being you, sowing words of affirmation in my life, mending and reopening my heart, lifting me when I was down and being a strong wall for me to bounce ideas, issues and concerns off without judging me. YOU ARE TRULY A KING!