Legoland Discovery Atlanta Adventure


The kids and I along with my two nephews and niece went on an adventure to our local LEGOLAND Discovery Atlanta located inside Phipps Plaza Mall. The kids were all excited to go and have the LEGOLAND Experience. We were greeted by Tyler at the front desk and after checking in we began our adventure. The first stop was through the process of how they make a Lego. The kids were excited to receive their special Lego piece.




The next stop was on the laser ride where you have to hit targets to earn points and the person with the most points wins. The kids had a whoot playing against one another. The Ninjago Training Camp was afterwards which is a new addition to LEGOLAND Discovery Atlanta. Let me start with saying that there needs to be someone here to fully explain how to interact with the Ninja exercise. Honestly we were all a bit confused as was the ten families that were ahead of us in line. The instructions are not very good. I discovered that all of the families were confused and unsure of how to participate. We decided to head over to Miniland and enjoy the amazing displays of some of Atlanta’s most popular locations. Once the kids enjoyed the creations we decided to head back to the Ninjago Training Camp to give it another try. We soon discovered how it works and that was it the kids and I all continued to take turns dashed through the laser maze like professional Ninjas.







We proceeded through Miniland and saw that at the end of each location there was a place where you get stamps. This is our second time visiting since the opening and we were never told about purchasing the books for $5 for the kids to take another adventure. This is a hit or miss and should be a suggestive sale to everyone. The reason why is my kids had a ball visiting each location to get stamps to earn a special gift. In fact I had at least six mothers ask me what they were and where to purchase them. I had to ask some one that works there to go all the way to the front to get a set of them so that I along with other parents could purchase them.





The kids had fun on the Merlin ride, singing karaoke, building race cars, playing through the maze and enjoying the 4D Movie with the amazing special effects. The kids enjoyed themselves and will be visiting again soon before school starts.


I would love to hear your thoughts!