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“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Live Beaming. I received a 3 DAY LIFESTYLE CLEANSE in exchange. All of the opinions and text are all my own.”


Hey Darlings! New Year! New Life! I’m excited to share an amazing company that I recently discovered. I suppose that if I lived in California I’m confident that I would have been aware of them prior to my research. Let me tell you all about Live Beaming. 

By 2011, Live Beaming was founded with the intention of helping people realize the power of food as medicine and that what you eat and drink really matters. As people began to experience the power of this truth through our food cleanse program, they wanted the delicious foods, juices and smoothies every day. Thus, Beaming’s first retail store in Del Mar was born in December 2012.

I can only imagine that this retail store is always pack. It’s Cali for pete’s sake. I’m located in the Atlanta area and there are a few places that you can visit but I’m confident that Beaming is a stand alone brand and there is nothing that remotely matches up to the resources that they provide. Honestly I have never ever tried a cleanse or stayed to a strict menu that only contains all superfoods. I do love to make juice for the kids and I but I still find myself eating healthy with a little cheating every now and again. The 3 Day Lifestyle Cleanse was shipped via FEDEX 1 day air because it has to be refrigerated at all times. Beaming packaging is basically fool-proof. You really would have to be a fool to screw this up. The three days all came inside individual labeled bags as well as every bottle is conveniently labeled to guide you through your cleanse process. They even include a recommended daily routine which you are more than welcomed to deviate from and create your own schedule that fits your lifestyle. Who wouldn’t love their superfoods beautifully packaged and ready for anyones lifestyle. These are so perfect if you’re always on the go!

Here’s a look at my three day supply below.

Live Beaming

Live Beaming

My package arrived on a Thursday around 8:30AM and I started mine around 10AM the same day. Here’s a breakdown of my Day 1 Schedule:

10:30AM Vitality Power Shot 

12PM Cold Pressed Celery Juice

2:10PM  Superfood Protein Smoothie

3:45PM Mineral-Rich Soup Arugula Curry Soup

I skipped my Superfood Protein Bite

4:30PM Superfood Elixir

7:30PM Chopped Salad

Keep in mind that each day of the Lifestyle Cleanse menu provides 1200-1400 calories of nutrient dense juices and foods including a variety of delicious artisan cold pressed juices, superfood protein smoothies, salads, soups and superfood elixirs. I learned that the Lifestyle Cleanse provides you with sufficient calories, fiber, fat and nutrition well beyond your typical cleanse or juice fast, its one of the few detox programs that you could do once a month or incorporate into your every day lifestyle for an extended period of time. I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t hungry on the first day. Although I don’t eat a ton of meals throughout a normal day I thought that my brain and body would react as if I was starving. It’s totally a mental thing because when you feel restricted sometimes your body will react differently just as it does on a fast. This was by far the best cleanse juice that I have ever had. 

Live Beaming

I vowed that 2019 would be my year of “Intentional” moments when it comes to my health and self-care. By nature I am a nurturing person who always places others ahead of my needs and although this isn’t a bad characteristic to have I must have more balance. You can watch my unboxing and random updates over the next few days on my instagram story and LIVE BEAMING Highlight ( ). CHEERS TO COMPLETING DAY 1!

Live Beaming