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Maddi’s Fridge Book Review

Why is Maddi’s Fridge Empty?

Playing at the park for many kids often times work up their appetite and they need a snack but in the case of Maddi she is not as fortunate as many kids. Maddi and Sofia are two young girls that attend the same school and play with one another in the park after school. The kids work up an appetite  and Sofia suddenly races up Maddi’s stairs into her home and opens her refrigerator for a quick snack only to discover that the only item inside is a carton of milk. Maddi quickly explains that her Mother doesn’t have enough money for much else. Maddi makes Sofia promise to keep her secret and after all isn’t that what friends do?

Sofia leaves Maddi’s house and races home just in time for dinner and as soon as she arrives she opens her own refrigerator to discover that hers is full of food. Sofia becomes troubled at dinner and observes her blessing as her mother, brother Luis and dog Pepito all sit down to enjoy their dinner. Sofia asks her mother during dinner is the fish that their having nutritious and her mother responds yes so Sofia has the idea of packing some fish in her backpack for Maddi tomorrow. Bad idea Sofia because the next day the two girls look inside and are amazed at the awful smell.

Sofia tries a few more times with taking food to Maddi in her backpack only to discover that some items are simply not made to be transported inside until finally one night at dinner she is having  burritos she decides to give it one more try to she was successful. Sofia and Maddi both sit outside and enjoy their burritos and Maddi tells Sofia that she will take the milk home for her brother Ryan. After several days, knowing that her friend is still going hungry, Sofia decides to tell her mother Maddi’s secret. Although Sofia tried hard to keep the secret she just could not bear it any more. Sofia’s mother comes up with a plan and she along with Sofia & Luis head over to Maddi’s house with bags of groceries. The two mothers speak with each other to help solve the problem, Sofia feels a bit of relief and Maddi will now have food in the refrigerator. The story ends with Sofia asking Maddi is she upset that she told their secret and its apparent that Maddi understood that they needed the help and her friend was only actually being a friend.

I’m a mother of three sons ages 18, 11 & 8. When I received the book for a review I quickly gave it to my 8-year-old who quickly understood the concept of the book. He wasn’t shocked that Maddi didn’t have any food because just a few weeks ago before the Thanksgiving Holiday there was a fellow student in his class in a similar situation. The staff noticed signs and after contacting the child’s mother it was a similar situation. The parents of my sons class and I joined forces and purchased food items from Sam’s and local grocery stores to help the family. The mother was so happy that we pitched in as a community to help her in this time of need.

Maddi's Fridge

Millions of kids daily only get a nutritious meal when they go to school and that’s only breakfast and lunch but what about dinner. This isn’t just the parent(s) problem but a global issue. Until we open our eyes and come together as a global entity children will continue to go hungry and afraid to tell someone. I commend Lois Brandt for writing this amazing book and Vin Vogel for his amazing illustrations. Maddi’s Fridge is one book that every parent should include in their kids Christmas items. This book is phenomenal and opens the truth about so many children in the world that go day in and day out without food. Something that many of us take for granted so the next time you’re in your local grocery be sure to donate to the food drive.  You may never know who is in need. I challenge you today to be a good Samaritan and drop a bag of food off to a neighbor or local shelter.

“Did you know 16 million children in America live in households struggling with hunger? That means that more than 1 in 5 children may not always have enough to eat. In the word’s wealthiest nation, children can’t always get the nutrition they need to thrive. This is unacceptable. Working together, we can solve this.” ~Feeding America


**”I was provided a copy of “Maddi’s Fridge” in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own***

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