Mattie The Discovery
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Hey Darlings! On last night I had the honor to be invited by a fellow Entrepreneur, Lakeshia CEO of Two Zero One9 to attend the premiere of “Mattie The Discovery “. The premiere was held on Thursday, December 5th at 6:30PM at the Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema located here in Atlanta. I was so excited to see the movie because I had previously watched the clip via Youtube and the plethora of mini clips that was posted to their social media so needless to say that I was hyped to finally see the movie.

Mattie The Discovery

Let me be very transparent. As an Influencer who attends thousands of movie premieres and exclusive events this was the first time that I felt as if I was apart of the family. The owners which also happens to be a dynamic Husband-wife film and television producers team immediately greeted us upon our arrival. So many times at these events you get lost in the crowd but not at the Mattie The Discovery Premiere. I watched as both BJ and Camy Arnett personally greeted every person that walked through the theatre’s doors. That means a lot to me and it makes you want to be apart of such a dynamic duo. I loved the fact that as a husband and wife they work together building a legacy and the love that they share sprinkles over onto others. It’s rare that you see such a powerful Black Power Couple right before your eyes that you can actually touch (literally). Did I mention “Christian Couple”? As a Single Christian they’re a great example of the Power of God reigning over their lives.

Mattie The Discovery

The stars of Mattie The Discovery ages range from the early teens to middle age and as they all made their way to the red carpet it was so warming to see how excited they were to be apart of this production and to experience so much “Black Power” and “Black Love” in on room. As the evening progressed we all headed into the theatre in anticipation of the movie.

Mattie The Discovery


The darkness of a chaotic life surrounds Mattie Styles (Brianna Hope Beaton) as she grapples to explain the very things she has yet to understand. Her only ally, her grandmother, Betty Jean (Cynthia D. Perry), fights to keep the unraveling of her son Sam Sr. (Cameron Arnett) at bay while battling her own challenges in secret. Despite Betty Jean’s strong conviction and faith, the surroundings of a deteriorating mother, Annie (BJ Arnett) and a dejected brother, Sam Jr. (Jarvious Johnson), Mattie finds herself mentally alone in her world of dreams, visions and nightmares.

Things take a turn as Mattie Discovers that the lives of those around her begin to materialize in her mind before they actually occur, but along with
this new found sight, so do the rising of her own personal choices of good and evil. All men are not good, all things are not what they seem and a world so easily known hangs between a blessing and a curse.


As a christian who grew up with a Prophetic gift from the age of 3-years-old and not understanding what it meant to see things take place in both my dreams and open visions only to later have them come to pass was scary because of the unknown. I didn’t have a mother or grandmother who had the gift so having conversations with them and other family members was a bit awkward until I became an adult and started to learn how to nurture the gift and operate in it the way that God intended. I could relate to Mattie because it’s not a conversation starter and so many times people simply think that your crazy. Even as an adult once certain people knew that I could see things or interpret some dreams they thought I was someone that they could just call upon. I had to place a barrier in place because folks will try to pimp your gifts literally. I loved that Mattie’s grandmother Betty Jean had the same gift and she has someone that she could talk to about the transition that she was experiencing with her gift nurturing.

Mattie The Discovery

There’s a point in the film when Grandma Betty Jean makes Mattie go apologize for saying something private and hurtful to a local bully. This was a pivot in the movie where we learned that the Grandma Betty’s goal was to make sure that Mattie didn’t misuse her God given gift. As they make their way to the bully’s house we learn that the young lady is mixed (it was apparent at the beginning of the movie that there was still issues with race in the town that they lived). As the evil Grandfather opened the door and called the bully downstairs the girls exchanged apologies and instantly the Grandmother knew what was happening to his granddaughter. This is the point that we learn that the Grandmother and Mattie are operating in to different degrees of Prophetic. Mattie sees things through touching the individual and dreams versus Grandma Betty Jean who can simply be in your presence and see what God wants to reveal.

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