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Do You Have Your Monster Products For Travel?

As part of Monster’s review team, I received a Monster® Powercard and SelfieCase for review. All opinion are my own.

I recently traveled to Los Angeles and the packing process for me was super late. As I ran around my house trying to ensure that I grabbed every possible thing that I would need for my four day stay I realized that I had to pack my Monster® Power Card for those emergency charging sessions.

"Monster" "Travel" "Monster Powercard" "Monster Selfie Case"

I actually won a few years ago from Blogalicious and it has been a saving grace for me. As an International Social Media Manager its imperative that I always have all of my gadgets completely charged to ensure that I am ever ready for a quick post for one of my clients. Running out of power is definitely not an option for me. The Monster® Powercard is an Ultra Thin Smartphone Charger (the size of a credit card) that charges faster than a standard 500mA USB 2.0 Charger.

"Monster" "Travel" "Monster Powercard" "Monster Selfie Case"

Just imagine getting rid of those bulky chargers and replacing them with this amazing Ultra Thin Monster® Powercard. I’ve even had to part with my charger a few times to allow my oldest whose in college to use my Powercard while he’s traveling out of town with his basketball team. The Powercard has become a family favorite.

"Monster" "Travel" "Monster Powercard" "Monster Selfie Case"

The second essential that all travelers need is the Monster SelfieCase. Who doesn’t want to capture the perfect selfie. The majority of my friends and family are social media savvy and capturing the perfect selfie. What makes this selfie case unique is it has a temporary mounting for your smartphone which can be applied to vertical surfaces, glass, acrylic or even your mirror. It’s perfect for me since I can use it to capture the perfect yoga images with a particular scenery behind me or when I am hanging out with m friends and were trying to capture the perfect selfie.

What’s your favorite travel Monster® gadget?