Hello! Its Naturalbabydol your International Traveling Socialite Blogger with my latest trip to make off the map. I have made many business trips to New Orleans and enjoyed great seafood, partying on Bourbon Street and shopping but this is my first time going down during the Mardi Gras Celebration. Special Thanks to Nikka Shae of Oh! Nikka The Undercover Socialite, a Diva who’s all about what’s new and happening around town.  Oh! Nikka rounded up her blogger boos for a trip to remember in the Nola and created the ultimate Nola Glam Get Away Intinerary for our trip. We set off to take a one day turn around trip traveling on the Mardi Gras bus with the Travel Divas. In the event that you’re not familiar with Travel Divas here are the details on this amazing organization:

TRAVEL DIVAS is spin-off company of Premier Travel One. Back in 2008 Premier Travel One opened as a premier group travel company located in Atlanta. After a few trips, the company saw that 90% of their clientele were women and they decided to put together a travel event called Travel Divas in New York City. The name, Travel Divas, just grew on everyone and now people remembers us as the Travel Divas. So there it all begins!

We travel every month and sometimes twice a month. You can find us all over the world from Rome, Italy to Miami, Florida. Our mission is to enjoy life, see as much of the world as possible and meet/greet everyone along the way. Please take a look at our upcoming travel events and join us. We also have fully trained, licensed travel agents on staff (

We left Atlanta on Friday for a fun-filled day in New Orleans. I was especially excited because attending the Mardi Gras festivities was one of the many items on my bucket list that I can now scratch off and with Oh! Nikka strategically planning the day out we were sure to have a FAB time! I will suggest that when taking a trip to New Orleans please make sure that you dress comfortable because you will do a lot of walking. I decide to wear my Wanna Betta Butt? Skinny Jeans that I scored from my shopping spree at DOTS FASHION. Check out my post here:  Once we arrived in the Nola we went to have delicious beignets from the World Famous Café Du Monde. Did you know that Café Du Monde is The Original French Market Coffee Stand Since 1862 and is always open 24 hours a day and only closes on Christmas Day or on an occasional hurricane day. They are located 800 Decatur Street.

Beignets at Café Du Monde


The next stop was a wonderful cruise on the Steamboat Natchez which was a wonderful way to relay, grab a bite to eat and mingle with fellow New Orleans residents and tourist. The staff aboard the cruise was absolute gems. They were very welcoming and catered to our every need and just having a few hours to relax and unwind was smooth sailing for me.  Not to mention the live Jazz Band that played us all of my favorites by Satchmo A.K.A Louis Armstrong.

Special Thanks to Oh! Nikka


Steamboat Natchez
Live Jazz Band
Loving the smooth Jazz Sounds
Live New Orleans Jazz Band
Love the antique Piano
Naturalbabydol and some fan action

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The walk through Jackson Square was a great place for scenery and perfect pictures with the girls. The day continued as we ventured on to Bourbon Street for the days festivities. I absolutely love the crowd and the overall ambiance that New Orleans has rather is Mardi Gras time or just a normal weekend day strolling down Bourbon Street because there is never a dull moment. The streets were filled with tourist from all over the world. I even met up with a few of my friends all the way from London who decided to come down and check out the popular New Orleans Mardi Gras Celebrations.

I earned my beads from being Pretty! #teamwinning
Live Party in the streets before the parade
Our Visit to Jackson Square Park
Jackson Square Park
Glam Girls Just Having Fun!
Only in the Nola during Mardi Gras
Nola Glam Get Away
Pretty Girl!!
Party Time!
Parade Time
Parade on Bourbon Street

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Our dinner reservations were at Saints and Sinners where the red light is always on, the wonderful restaurant owned by the handsome Channing Tatum. Oh I must say that the food was absolutely delicious. I have tried to dine here before but it is always packed but I was grateful to have the opportunity this trip to have the chance. You all know that I am a Southern Belle so of course I ordered what is listed on the menu as Channing’s favorite Grits and Barbeque Shrimps. OMG! It was delicious! Thank you Oh! Nikka your a gem for adding this to our itinerary.

Saints and Sinners
Channing Tatum’s Restaurant
Southern Belle Dinner
My Chica’s and I

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I had a great time in New Orleans for the Mardi Gras Celebration and I would like to thank Oh! Nikka for planning the Nola Glam Get Away and the awesome places that we visited during our time in New Orleans with the amazing itinerary that she planned out for us and  great trip away from my busy life and coming from a World Traveler I had a FAB time. I would also like to thank Travel Divas for getting us to New Orleans and back to Atlanta safe and showing us a great time aboard the Hip Hop Party Bus. This is a great organization to travel with especially if your someone who doesn’t normally travel and you do not want the headache of planning a trip and for my seasoned travelers like myself this is a great organization to use to get away, relax and unwind! Stay tuned for Naturalbabydol’s venture for March! Virginia is on the list for March among a few other destinations!



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