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Hair Product Spotlight: Philip B. Rejuvenating Oil and Thermal Protection Spray

**”I was provided with free samples in exchange for this post. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own***

Philip B. Rejuvenating Oil

Once the weather gets cold #sweaterweather is all over Instagram and Twitter. And I love it (in theory). I love the way sweaters look, how soft they are against my skin, and how comfy they are to just lounge around in but, sweaters are seriously my hair’s biggest enemy in the winter.  My hair gets super frizzy whenever I put on a sweater or scarf.  And I seriously tried everything.  I tried all the frizz-free shampoos, conditioners, and hair sprays in the drugstore.  But, none of them worked.  Once I slip my arms through the sweater, I can feel my hair standing up and sticking to my face. In the morning, I take my hair out of its bun and I think, “Cool, waves!” But, then as I go about changing and getting ready, my hair gains static electricity and starts getting frizzy.  And when I try to move the hair off my face it just comes right back down, hugging the side of my face.  I usually let the frizz win and just put my hair in to a top knot. See my Before Picture Below:

frizzy hair

Until now, I never thought about using an oil to tame my frizzy hair.  The Philip B. Rejuvenating Oil is amazing.  I never thought I could actually wear a sweater without pulling my hair in to a bun.  But I can and I am loving it.  I can finally pull off that comfy casual look we have been seeing all over Instagram and Twitter.

The Philip B. Rejuvenating Oil smells like perfume.  The oil feels super luxurious and absorbs in to my hair in minutes.  I was afraid to put oil in to my hair because I didn’t want my hair to look greasy.  But this oil from Philip B. just leaves my hair shiny and frizz-free.  I apply about three drops of oil to my long hair from the mid-shaft to the ends, concentrating most of the product on my ends because that’s where the frizz starts.  Then, I work in whatever is left on my palms in to the mid-shaft.

The problem I have with a lot of oils is the residue it leaves on your hands after you apply the product but Philip B. does not leave any sticky or greasy residue on my hands.  It actually leaves my hands quite soft and hydrated.

After I apply the rejuvenating oil to my towel dried hair, I apply the Philip B. thermal protection spray before blow drying my hair.  Late night classes and late night workouts means my hair has no time to air dry at night.  The rejuvenating oil really gets out all the knots in my hair and the thermal protection spray protects my hair from getting damaged by my diffuser.  As I dry my hair, I scrunch it up in to the diffuser to create texture and soft waves.  I dry my hair about 80% dry, then throw it up in to a high bun.  When I wake up in the morning, my hair will have a slight wave in it and a little bit of volume.  (If you have time to air dry, this is a great way to get some heatless waves!)



frizz-free hair with Philip B.

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