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This week I just returned from working in New Orleans during Essence Festival and with only a few days in-between to attempt to get some rest we’ll be flying out in less than 8 hours to celebrate our official summer vacation trip. Needless to say that I am so exhausted but the mini conversations around the house of the kids chatting about their upcoming trip puts a smile on my face.



The fact that when we travel we are only allowed to take one backpack each and the kids run around stuffing their back pack puts a smile on my face.

Watching my youngest son set the alarm clocks all over the house including everyone’s cell phone so that we don’t over sleep puts a smile on my face.

Observing my youngest son watch the clock throughout the day in anticipation for the sun to finally set puts a smile on my face.

Watching my kids lay out their clothes for our flight in the morning puts a smile on my face.

Knowing that my kids are asleep in their beds at 10pm on a warm summer night because they don’t want to over sleep for our flight puts a smile on my face.

Knowing that the house is quiet and I can finally get a few blog post completed and schedule my clients post because everyone is finally asleep early puts a smile on my face.



It’s been a few years since the kids and I have gone on a vacation and they are so excited. I love the fact that since they have been traveling since birth they aren’t upset if we’re not able to get away like we’ve done in the past. A few years ago we went to Niagara Falls and another year we just grabbed a backpack and decided to backpack where ever we could hop a flight or drive which lead us to New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Florida and Georgia. I always teach my kids that it’s all about the experience no matter where you go. It’s the time to soak in the ambiance, have fun and create memories that will last a lifetime. It’s almost midnight so I guess I better get in the bed to rest before our flight in the morning. We’ll be sure to share our crazy adventures on my Instastory and Facebook throughout our stay. Until next time….BE BLESS!