Road Trip to Essence Music Festival

Are you ready for the road trip of your life?


All roads will be leading to the 20th Annual Essence Festival. My fellow Bella’s and I (A.K.A My Blogger Sisters) will be taking one of the funniest road trips in history down to the Nola. As the days whine down the excitement increases and before you know it we will be hitting the road. This is my first Essence Festival and countless time heading to New Orleans. I am super excited to finally experience this amazing event. Follow me as I take you on my journey of preparing for the trip and the countless events and networking that’s in store. Day 11 was utilized to pull out countless clothes from the closet to visualize exactly what I want to carry with me.

Can you relate?


Plus a girl can never have too many clothes unless her bags won’t fit in the car. So today will mark my first day trying on a host of outfits. I was excited to find several dressed that I purchased while I was in London stashed away at the back of my closet. That can only mean one thing I have more things to pack. These cute short couture dresses are perfect for my Essence Music Festival trip. I can only imagine that by Day 5 I will have changed my mind on some of my outfits and suddenly feel the urge to shop.

So are you ready for our road trip? I am! Stay tuned for updates on as I count down to the 20th Annual Essence Festival.





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