Six Flags Over Georgia Presents Batman: The Ride & New Additions To Gotham City

The kids and I headed to Six Flags over Georgia this weekend to ride Batman: The Ride. In case you were not aware the coaster- featuring a 10 story lift hill, 2,00 feet of track, multiple loops and just so happens to turns at speeds of 50 miles per hour- has been going backwards at the park since March 14. Since I have been traveling the kids and I had not had a chance to experience the ride in this capacity. The kids and I set out for our adventure because the ride would end the experience this weekend, May 9 and 10th, which would be the LAST weekend for the popular Batman: The Ride roller coaster experience BACKWARDS at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Batman: The Ride

Batman The Ride



Needless to say that the entire world showed up to get their chance to ride The Ride. The line was insane and it didn’t help that the park for whatever reason was obviously middle & high school band and chorus day because it was jammed packed students and parents which meant the lines would be longer than normal. The Ride line must have taken at least an hour or two easily to get through before we were finally able to enjoy the ride. Once we were approaching the ride our hearts began to sink just thinking about what was to come from the horror of riding The Ride backwards. My twelve-year-old was excited of course because he’s the dare-devil of the clan and high rides are his absolute favorite versus me, I am a scary cat. Once we were on the ride there was no turning back! Whew! All I can say is this ride was everything and if you just happened to miss the opportunity to ride it backwards then shame on you because it was AWESOME!

Batman: The Ride


What’s even more exciting is that the Batman: The Ride will return to its normal forward ride experience and reopen on May 22, along with two brand new rides in Gotham City: THE JOKER Chaos Coaster and Harley Quinn Spinsanity.

  • THE JOKER Chaos Coaster is a seven (7) story looping thrill ride, which will suspend riders 72 feet in the air upside down and make six (6) full 360-degree revolutions.
  • Harley Quinn Spinsanity is a classic family ride with a new twist, featuring seven (7) cars that guests can spin around on their own, as many time as possible, while riding.

Who’s ready? We are! Stay tuned as we report live on May 22 from Six during a special VIP Celebration for the grand opening of the new rides in Gotham City. Perhaps Batman will make an appearance!


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