There were Six Kids and Now its Three!

This has been a great Summer and as many of you know that I had my two nephews and niece along with my three sons. I had all of them for the Summer and boy was it an adventure. We did so many fun things together. The weeks have passed so fast and now the start of school is right around the corner. So today we headed downtown to the Greyhound Bus Station. As we waited for bus for my mom, niece and nephews we took a few selfies.

Chilling in the Greyhound Bus Station. We’re missing two kids in the picture.
Mario is being silly in this picture
Momma patiently waiting with the kids and I

The kids and I had a little more time to spend with each other before their 2pm bus arrived. We continued to play and talk.



Look at all of their luggage! This is why they like to come visit Auntie! They always go home with a bunch of stuff! #Auntieproblems


See what I mean! Auntie loves the kids!

OK! So this is new! My mom has been visiting me and traveling via Greyhound Bus Lines and this is the first that we encountered the yellow tape up before you go to your bus. Please keep in mind that I had to come down the opposite side which is for the non-travelers. I guess the people who are bidding their love ones farewell need a yellow divider too! Like are they going to run and jump on a bus!

Look at my family

All roads lead to Savannah, GA!


I’m going to miss them but I will be seeing them very soon and they will be spending Christmas with me too! Until next time!


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