Spiderman Far From Home


Hey Love Bugs! You all know that for the last week the kids and I have been cruising around in the 2019 Ford Edge ST. The past week has been all about hitting the open highway. Since I had promised Mario that this months Mommy/Son Day Date would be to the movies to see the highly anticipated Spiderman Far From Home what better way than to arrive in style with the family friendly 2019 Ford Edge. I love that this crossover had all of the bells and whistles as well as enough room for my additional cargo, my little cousin who has been traveling with us for the past week and is now here visiting in Atlanta. 

Spiderman Far From Home

It’s a blessing that the area where I purchased my house years ago there’s a Pavilion that has an amazing shopping strip and movie theater. Mario my youngest is a die-hard Marvel and DC Comic fan. If there is a new movie in the theater you better believe that he’s going to get there one way or another. Lucky for both of us many times we’re invited to private media screening where we get to see the movie before it hits the big screen. There have been so many different Spiderman movies that this momma can’t even keep up anymore. I will say that each one is interesting and always a great movie. You would think that I would just concede when it comes to selecting the movie knowing that the kids always pick GREAT MOVIES

Spiderman Far From Home

Lucky for us there wasn’t any massive long lines like there was last month when we visited plus we had great seats. Listen seat placement is everything but sometimes when we wait until the last minute were in the stopped up nose section at the very front. You know the seats that leave you with a cramp in your neck. My first perception of the movie was that it was just another remake of Spiderman that they’ve tried to swing a thousand different ways until I realized that the Avengers were involved and it was taking place in one of my favorite destinations, London. I love the movie and wanted to share a few life lessons that I learned from the movie.


Peter Parker was specifically chosen by Billionaire Tony Stark because although Spiderman was still young and learning Tony knew that he was destined for GREATNESS. Many times others see your GREATNESS before it revealed to you.


In previous Avengers movies we all know that Happy is both employed by Tony Stark as well as his best friend. We meet Happy through Stark but quickly learn that even in the countless faces of death that the characters experience at the end of the day and mission its always Family Over Everything. When Peter finds himself lost in a strange place its Happy who comes to his rescue and it’s also Happy who ensures that Peter’s friends are taken care of during the invasion of the drones. 


In the movie we learn that Peter just wants to be a normal teenager, traveling and falling in love with a girl but his life has a higher calling. It’s no different than when we try to fit into someone else’s dream or vision but in reality your CALL IS GREATER and will save millions of lives.


Being a hero always comes with an unwanted price tag attached. That’s just how it works. We learn that Peter would rather make a sacrifice in an early scene that could potentially put millions of lives at stake but at that moment thats the sacrifice that he’s willing to make. However we soon learn in a later scene that Peter realizes that his sacrifice of never living a normal life is the only thing that can save the masses and he makes the decision to sacrifice his life at any cost for the well fair of his family, friends, classmates and the world. 


When we think if legacy we think about “name sake”. Legacies are those who continue to carry on a mission or a life’s work in honor of the person or people before there time. Peter started to dwell on Tony Starks legacy as a super hero who had everything together but in reality Stark was never really together. He just flowed! He too carried on both a name and legacy of his father and eventually built a bigger brand and legacy than his father. This is why Tony ensured that Edith would go to Peter because he knew that even in his infancy of being a super hero that Parker would ultimately make the right decision. 


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