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Hey Darlings! Please understand that this is a very different post than what you would normally get from me but since this is my personal platform I feel that after last nights Mid-Term Elections I must voice my own personal opinion. As you all know I reside in Georgia and from the moment that Stacey Abrams announced her candidacy there has been a major push from all ethnicities. I repeat ALL ETHNICITIES that have made the decision to STAND with ABRAMS. Yes I realize that every candidate will have a few things that you may not agree with but whats 4% to 96%? Hell you buy products from companies that hate your ethnicity and outright saw it in the media but that doesn’t stop you from still supporting them and with Stacy there is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE.

I’ve been watching this election closely and I even traveled back to my home in Savannah one weekend when she was scheduled to appear. You can read about that here. I can speak when it comes to our Atlanta surrounding areas when I say that collectively we did an amazing job hitting the ground running canvasing for Abrams and hopefully our race isn’t over. Yesterday I had friends and followers reporting to me all over about unnecessary polling issues as well as the media keeping us all updated. Examples:

  1. Plug/electrical issues in Gwinnett which resulted in them staying open and an additional 20 by judicial order.
  2. Bartow County voters complaining that Stacey was not on some of their ballots when voting.
  3. Fulton County had issues with their polls so there was a poll extension at Pittman Park Rec until 9PM,  Forbes Arena until 10PM and Booker T Washington High School until 10PM.  
  4. Voters were not told that they could ask for a provisional ballot if there was an issue

Stacey Abrams

The fight is still not over! Recently both Stacey Abram’s Campaign Manager Lauren Groh-Wargo and Attorney Dara Lindenbaum, spoke at a press call updating the masses on the progress and what they foresee to happen next with this highly anticipated Governor campaign.  As of early this morning we knew that Fulton County hasn’t been properly counted. They discovered 700 wrapped machines in the warehouse. We were also 15 thousand votes away from the run off threshold.

Keep in mind that three of the four largest counties in the state – DeKalb, Gwinnett, and Cobb – have reportedly only reported only a small portion of their votes which were submitted early by mail. 

As of this morning we were still waiting on four other our large counties – Chatham, Henry, Douglas, and Clarke  to report votes by mail.

So as you can see we’re looking at a lot of uncounted votes. I don’t blame Stacey for pushing through and not conceding. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings and she hasn’t sung yet!
Together, these seven counties are expected to return a minimum of 77,000 ballots. These counties also represent heavily Democratic leaning constituencies, and the majority of those votes are anticipated to be for Stacey Abrams.

As of 6:14PM on November 7th ballots are still being counted here in Georgia. Kemp has declared himself the winner but we’re not accepting until every single vote has been counted. Abrams is behind 63k.

In Florida news I was so pissed off when Andrew Gillum conceded on last night which appeared to happen before 11PM. The thoughts that went through my head was that he simply gave up too soon and should have waited it out. As of Today around 12PM Gillum was not that far behind as the ballot numbers began to come and it looks like there may be a huge chance that their will be according to CBS Miami updated news report that Florida’s Governor, Senate, Ag Races May Be Subject to Recount. We will have to wait until Saturday for the updates.

I will continue to provide updates via my Facebook page. We still have a chance TEAM BLUE! 

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Photo Credit: K Riv Productions, LLC