Natural Hair
Natural Hair

Can You Please Stop Calling My Son With Natural Hair A Little Girl?

It’s time that I address this issue. I can’t count the number of times that I have posted an image on social media of my youngest son or someone approaches us while we’re out and they comment that she is so cute  and has pretty hair. Sound The Alarm because he is a BOY! Girls are not the only ones with long natural hair. I realize that perhaps some people believe that boys should have fades & low cuts while little girls have long hair. We’ll that’s not our truth. I am a natural mother who has a son who has been natural all of his life.

"Natural Hair"

Perhaps if people would simply take a moment to look at his face or the clothes that he’s wearing and see that he is in fact a young man. A young man with long, healthy natural hair. Even at school the parents of daughters often make little comments about his hair but hey it’s not my fault that I take extremely good care of my son’s hair. I have raised him to be confident in his skin and his hair. He’s 9-years-old and well capable of making his own decision and at the present moment he has no intention of cutting his hair. He use to get upset about people mistaking him for a girl and I would have to constantly to correct them of their ignorance. These days he will proudly set the record straight and let anyone who mistakes him for a girl know that he is a young man. So I will simply say to anyone who may not be sure….Just take a moment and observe the child outfit and mannerisms before you make this mistake.


Mom of 3 Natural Sons