Spiritual WarDiary

Preparation For Spiritual Warfare

August 29, 2019  Dear Turkesha, Sis do you remember all those days that you tarried on the altar with Bishop and Apostle Dortch? Do you remember praying on the altar at 12 noon and again at 6PM daily? Do you remember that day when you received your first prophesy at Woman With A Call, your very first spiritual conference? Remember …

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Spiritual VoiceDiary


How hard is it to follow when God orders your footsteps? The past few weeks I had been contemplating a decision that could essentially make or break me as they say because you never know how the opposing parties will react. It wasn’t until this past week that I heard different messages from God that made total sense daily but …

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So a thing happened to me on last year. While I was out crossing off things on my bucket list I met a King. I’m sure that you’ve probably heard people say that they met a King or a Queen but did they really? That all depends on what your inner spirit tells you about the individual. Here’s what happened …

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God's Good NewsFamily

God’s Good News Bible Stories For Kids and Giveaway!

As a mom its important to me to ensure that I raise well-rounded kids and that includes teaching them about God’s Good News and the many life lessons and stories that can help them through their daily lives. I was excited to have the opportunity to share Billy Graham’s relaunch of God’s Good News. The book starts with a special …

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