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Family Backpacking Travel: Locust Grove, GA

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary

Hey Wanderlust! We’re back with yet another one of our travel adventures. This time we decided to stay in our own back yard sort of speaking. We have been cruising the net for a while seeking out our next great adventure. We stumbled upon Noah’s Ark website quite a few times and the intention was to visit during one of our trips to Savannah but such as life it simply just didn’t happen.

When I woke up on Friday (yesterday) I had cabin fever. I simply just had to get the hell out of the house. In actuality I really wanted to jump on a plane and jet set any where for a quick vacation but with my two little ones plus my nephew visiting for the summer that would entail a bit more planning so traveling locally was perfect! We grabbed a backpack, bottle waters and sunscreen and headed off to Noah’s Art Sanctuary for our newest travel adventure.

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Educational Sanctuary that houses exotic animals and farm animals. We learned on our visit that they house over 100 animals in  rehab annually through their Wild Life Rehabilitation program. 

Noah’s Ark has over 1,500 animals and upon entering the facility you just might see a beautiful peacock welcoming you, a roster chasing you or a mother duck with her duckling. It’s like walking into a beautiful family farm that houses God’s amazing creatures.

"Family Backpacking" "Travel" "Locust Grove" "Noah's Ark Sanctuary" "Family Travel"

Isn’t she or he beautiful? Upon arrival we received the warmest welcome ever. The trail takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. A word to the wise be sure to take plenty of water. If you’re planning to have lunch you’re more than welcome to bring lunch and enjoy in their picnic area or on the playground. The trail is free. Donations are welcome. We can only imagine how much it takes them to feed, house and care for these amazing animals. We would suggest that if you’re planning to visit be sure to donate to the cause. Remember every little bit helps. I’ve read that it takes them $33,000 a month to care for these beauties.

We loved the fact that they take in special needs animals who need lots of love and care to ensure that they are functional. Here’s a peek at a few:

"Family Backpacking" "Travel" "Locust Grove" "Noah's Ark Sanctuary" "Family Travel"

"Family Backpacking" "Travel" "Locust Grove" "Noah's Ark Sanctuary" "Family Travel"

Noah’s Ark is the perfect little hidden gem here in Georgia. The animals are housed on 250 acres and exhibits include an array of animals, not limited to only horses, bison and deer. We were surprised to find a few exotic animals: cougars, parrots tigers, bears and monkeys.  Noah’s Ark is conveniently locates in Locust Grove only about 10 minutes from the famous Tangler Outlet located on Exit 212 off of Highway 75 South or North. The animal habitat, walking trail zoo hours are 12 p.m.-3 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday and the Welcome Center, Picnic Area and Office Hours are Tues – Friday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

"Family Backpacking" "Travel" "Locust Grove" "Noah's Ark Sanctuary" "Family Travel"

Enjoy our Sneak Peek Video of our visit:



Stay tuned for our next adventure!