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Tre Luxe Review – Type 4 Hair – Flat Twist & Curl #DiscoverLuxe #Curlfluence


Hey Darlings! I’m back with my first hair review for 2019. As many of you already know I recently had my hair cut again in December and since then I have been on the hunt for a few products that will help me achieve a curly look while maintaining moisture without me having to add any additional products. I was recently contacted by Curlfluence for the opportunity to try the TreLuxe Collection. Honestly I have been watching the brand for a few years so naturally I would jump to the opportunity to try their products.

TreLuxe products were designed to provide naturals with a premium professional styling experience. I was excited when I learned that TreLuxe uses Active Botanicals™ Ingredients in their products. I love how their ultimate goal was to seek our high quality natural sources, then have expert chemist isolate and extract the nutrients that are most beneficial to our beauty natural hair. Hence you have superior results with each style. 

Currently, the TreLuxe line consists of five products: Curl & Restore Gentle Cleansing Rinse, Untie the Knot Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner, Reflex Curl Styling Serum, Curl Supreme Styling Creme and High Definition Curl Enhancer Styling Gel. I received all of the above except the High Definition Curl Enhancer. Enough talk let’s get to the review!

TreLuxe Curl Renew & Restore

I started out with two-week old dirty hair full of products. I wouldn’t normally do this but since I knew that I would be receiving a new product to try I wanted to really put it to the test. I normally cleanse my hair weekly on a Sunday afternoon. The first product that I used was the TreLuxe Curl Renew & Restore Gentle Cleaning Rinse (360° Curls Complex w/tomato extract) which retails for $14.50.

The Curl Renew & Restore is a sulfate and silicon free rinse that moisturizes while gently removing buildup and replenishing moisture while making detangling a breeze. OMG! I normally have to add a few steps to ensure that my hair is properly detangled. I have always had really thick hair so in order to get my hair detangled I ALWAYS have to add additional products and steps. THAT WAS NOT THE CASE with TreLuxe! Did I mention that I only had to use a small amount? I used an amount equivalent to Kennedy fifty cent. 

TreLuxe Curl Untie the Knot

I immediately followed up with their Untie the Knot Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner for wavy, curly and coily hair. This product retails for $18.50 and promises to detangle, nourish and replenish your lively curls. I can contest that its true to its promise. I love the fact the Untie the Knot is a naturally based conditioner, formulated with coconut milk, slippery elm, and olive extract which contributes to making the detangle process easier while moisturizing every strand of my beautiful tresses. Trust me this is the BOMB Leave-In for Type 4 hair. The cinnamon scent was absolutely divine. 

TreLuxe Reflex Curling Serum

The Reflex Curl Styling Serum ($18.50) creates bouncy, silky, natural curls with flexible hold. I was honestly a little concern with using a serum because I simply wasn’t sure how my hair would react but surprisingly my hair soaked it up with no problem. I ensured that every strand received the same attention during the application which definitely makes a difference when it comes to my hair texture. The serum is very lightweight and provided an additional slip while adding shine. I could have very well stopped at this step but I was curious to see how all the products worked together. I will caution you that I ensured that my hair was saturated with water during the entire process. I honestly believe that the botanical extracts helped with the shine. I added this by section before adding the creme.

TreLuxe Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Creme

And… we get to the Holy Grail! OMG! Ya’ll know that I love a fabulous creme but Lord knows I was so unprepared for the TreLuxe Curl Supreme 4-in-1 Hydrating Creme ($22.00) gave me my entire life! Listen I normally have to use gobs of creme to moisturize my hair and add a homemade essential oil spritzer but not with TreLuxe. This curl supreme does hydrate, strengthen, protect and style your tresses. A little goes a long way. I was so surprised by how little of this product I actually used. I have been doing a twist and curl since getting my hair cut but this time I decided to do a flat twist with rods on the ends. I use a few different size rods so you’ll see how colorful my set looks. LOL!


Once I had all of the product in my hair by following the instructions using the products by the order in which they are listed above with the exception of the creme. I parted my hair into six sections (2 in the very back where my hair is the shortest, two in the middle and two in the very front). I always start with the very back section (shorter section) and detangled my hair again with a denman brush while separating the back section with a rack tail comb to create my flat twist. As I parted each twist out I added a very small amount of Curl Supreme Creme ensuring that every strand was saturated with product. Remember that I previously added the Reflex Curl Styling Serum so my hair was already moisturized.


If you look closely you will see the flat twist in the shortest section of my hair. If you do not know how to flat twist there are thousands of videos on youtube demonstrating the process. I added smaller blue and yellow rods to the last row of flat twist the moved to the very front of my hair. I start in the front next because the middle of my hair is so thick that it takes extra time and care to twist.


In the above image I have one section of my front flat twisted with rods, a completed back and the remaining side and middle to complete. Continue the flat twist in the front and work your way to the middle. Remember you will have three complete rows. Do not worry about having neat parts because your beautiful bouncy curls will cover them.


Don’t worry about the white curl supreme because your hair will soak it up over night. All I did was place a satin bonnet on my hair to keep my hair moisturized and protected. The next day I removed the rods and carefully untwisted my flat twist. PLEASE! PLEASE! Take your time. Allow your hair to NATURALLY SEPARATEThis is key to achieving the BOMB Curly Twist look. Please note that my hair was cut in a heart shape so I could achieve the look that I’m going for once my hair completely grows out. Just to clarify the heart shape cut means that my hair is big on the top and more shaped as it forms the sides of the heart. I did not use any oil like I would normally need to because my hair was still moisturized after two days in flat twist. I used my fingers to lift my roots and then used an old school wire afro pick. That’s it!


Day 1 Hair

Verdict: It’s definitely a YES for me! I re-twisted my hair the next night and only had to add a small amount of Curl Supreme Creme and thats only a preference of mine. I would love to try their High Definition in the future. I will say that once I find a product that loves my hair and my crazy lifestyle it becomes my GO-TO and TreLuxe has just secured the #1 spot. I posted a picture on Facebook and received so many compliments on my beautiful curls. Thank you Curlfluence and TreLuxe.


Day 2 Hair
Day 3 Hair

What’s your favorite TreLuxe product? 


I received the TreLuxe Collection from Curlfluence to review. All opinions in this editorial are my own.

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