Tribal Braids Afro Puff
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Hey Darlings! I’m back with another simply yet cute Protective Style that can be worn anytime no matter the season or event. I recently took a trip to  New Orleans and Fort Lauderdale and of course I opted out to not get my hair done. BAD CHOICE! Any who it was a few weeks of running around like a chicken without a head. Once I came up for air and had time to actually breathe y’all already know that my stylist Kendra put me STRAIGHT IN THE GAME! 

Tribal Braids Afro Puff

How many of you love to wear braids? I have always been obsessed with braids so when Kendra decided to design the front portion of my hair into Tribal Braids and add a puff I was sold. Ya’ll know I love an afro puff. Always did! So I bet you’re wondering how in the world did she create this signature summer look. Although I am no stylist nor braider I still feel confident walking you through a few tips to get you in the creative mood.


  1. Shampoo, Condition and Deep Condition Hair.
  2. Create 5 big cornrows to stretch your hair overnight.
  3. Unbraid hair after your hair dries and part into two sections (front and back). 
  4. Braid the top of your hair going back into a creative cornrow style but be sure to keep your sides out so that you can braid those towards the front.
  5. Take the back of your hair and spray it with a little water then gel your hair up into a ponytail.
  6. Apply an afro puff extension ponytail (I suggest using the size large).
  7. Finally add beads to the braids coming forward towards your face and any other signature hair jewelry that you desire. 

Easy right! Well as long as you can braid its easy. I unfortunately cannot braid my own hair this neat so I had to have my stylist create this style. This style took a little under 2 hours partly because she’s just that freaking fast. In fact I believe it was less than 1.5 hours. Kendra used the Style Factor Edge Booster which has become a favorite of mine. I’m a sucker for a great hold and this is definitely my favorite. I love that it’s totally flake-free, has an amazing shine and the HOLD is AMAZING! Listen when you have thick hair and your natural it’s imperative to have an edge control or gel that can hold your hair. I received a few samples from Style Factor to try. I immediately fell in Love. I love that my stylist Kendra also uses the brand so it’s a win-win for both of us. Thank you Style Factor! 

Style Factor Edge Booster

Tribal Braids Afro Puff

Tribal Braids Afro Puff

Tribal Braids Afro Puff

Tribal Braids Afro Puff

I have enjoyed being a model for Kendra the past year! Listen! The girl has some major skills!  Click here to check out a plethora of the styles that she has created for her clients. You can book Kendra by clicking here.

Did you see the detail in the tribal braid? Amazing! I definitely love this quick style. This style will last about 4-6 weeks depending on how you maintain your hair. This particular style consists of me alternating using castor oil, water/oil spritz (that I make) and properly wrapping my hair at night with a silk scarf or using a silk pillow case.

Until the next style………IT’S A NATURAL HAIR TING!