Oscars 2015
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Why I Will Not Watch The 2015 Oscars

This morning was the highlight of every PR’s day. The annual announcement of the Oscar nominees were released early this morning. The idea of hearing your clients name announced is always a serious win for the PR team! I can only imagine that millions of members of PR Firms were all glued to the television, cell phones and even their tablets patiently awaiting the announcement. I too was one of the millions also listening because I wanted to prove a theory that I had a few weeks ago wrong. My theory was that the 2105 Nominations would be more diverse than they have been in years.

Oscars 2015


Unfortunately I was wrong! When the nominations were announced I patiently awaited to hear the names of a host of nationalities announced as nominees, but that never happened. In fact there was not a bit of Diversity present in the nominations. I had anticipated at least Selma would have received more nominations than were announced. The 2015 Oscars is being called the “whitest” Oscar show in years. I dislike to call out colors but there are so many ethnic actors that should have at least gotten a stinking nomination. Even Rev. Al Sharpton statement “appallingly insulting in the year of 2015″ speaks volumes to how undiversified the nominations announced earlier appeared.

I was disappointed that although “Selma” was nominated for Best Picture, the nomination of Ava DuVernay for Best Director would have made history as the first African-American woman nominated in the category. SMH! Even in this day and time some things do not seem to change. Why didn’t David Oyelwo get nominated for his portrayal as the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.? These are the questions that we need to ask ourselves before we bump up the rating on the upcoming Oscar show. I personally will not be watching because I am taking a stand on the unjust lack of diversity. Lets remember that there is power in numbers! Who will take the stand with me?









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  1. I am disappointed as well. Not sure why I am surprised since I have always known the make up of The Academy. I think the Selma best picture nomination was throwing “us” a bone. I usually see all the movies and even had an Oscar party last year but this year I do plan to skip it. Good news is much more time for other things like blogging!

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