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Hello Darlings, 

I’m Turkesha, an International Social Media & Branding Manager –turned Influencer who is currently raising three gentlemen in the crazy world. In a nutshell I’m a Social Media Marketing Professional. In real life my family calls me Turkesha but in the “Social Media/Blogger” world everyone refers to me as “Naturalbabydol”. 

I’m based in Atlanta where I live with my two younger sons (my oldest when he crashes) and my yoga pup, Tux. My days are normally spent managing clients social media, analyzing crazy Instagram pages for potential clients, practicing yoga or somewhere huddled under a blanket updating my blog or writing a book. That is when I’m not attending PTO meetings, baking cupcakes for the bake sale or speaking at career day (which I happen to get called upon a lot for…I guess they love me!).

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My evenings are spent with fellow Socialites out and about around town attending VIP events. I’ve been called “The Social Media Queen” mainly because my iPhone is always out and you will who rarely see me out & about without my social media gadgets, Nikon camera and Mac Air in hand. You can guarantee that I’m either working with a client as On-Site Social Media Manager, Social Media Concierge or Influencer! Hey! Let’s face it….I get a kick out of making your look BRAND AMAZING!

"Shop Tobi" "Tobi" "Naturalbabydol" "Fashion" "Spring Fashion" "Fashion Blogger" "Dress" "Sun Dress" "Stilettos" "Naturalbabydol"

My love for writing and keeping diaries and journals over the years led me to start Naturalbabydol in 2013 after attending my first blogging conference, Blogalicious. I was actually attending as a brand looking for bloggers and after an amazing experience I decided to convert my writing into an online journal, hence Naturalbabydol was born. So now I share my life with millions on the world wide net. LOL! The last four years have been an amazing journey and what started out as trial and error eventually turned into my full-time job after being laid off from my corporate position. My blog has afforded me the flexibility to travel, write, meet amazing people and start my own media company, McIvy Media, LLC.

I’m available for bookings, collaborations and social media projects for 2019-20.

Contact me at Turkesha@Naturalbabydol.com

I would love to hear your thoughts!