Essence Festival


Hey Baby! I know its only May but a Gal has to get her entire life together in preparation for my upcoming trip to New Orleans. I’m excited to be attending the 25th Annual Essence Music Festival. I have no idea if this is my fourth or fifth year because after my first trip I lost count. Hell I started to feel like a Nola Girl. I guess it helps that my mother’s father is from Louisiana so I guess you can say a lil “Nola” runs through my blood. I can still remember my first trip to Essence as a Colgate Ambassador. Honestly that was my very first Ambassador trip and campaign. Let me tell you I couldn’t have asked to experience my “first experience” with a better brand.

There just is a level of excitement that I feel as I get prepared to finalize my plans for this years Essence Festival. It is indeed one filled with excitement, fun, laughter and the chance to make more connections and have fun with my friends. Essence Music Festival draws thousands of ladies, men and brands individuals from all over the world. New Orleans transforms every year in preparation for the massive amount of people who will grace the cities streets over the busy weekend. I’m not even sure if it even matters that the festivities always fall around the Fourth of July because everyone is so busy having fun the holiday seems irrelevant. 

Did I mention the massive amount of brands that will be attendance? Last year I was bless to serve as Creme Of Nature’s Social Media Manager during the Essence Music Festival. It was a major deal for my business, McIvy Media and so much fun. I have worked with them for over six years at various events and hair shows and it’s always a pleasure to work with the team. This year I haven’t locked down a brand to work with YET but I AM confident that over the next few months I will have a few locked in. There’s a rush that I get from running from client to client and rushing to VIP events all over the city. Trust me it sounds like a crazy day and they are but its exciting and an experience that you only get to experience once a year.

Opps I almost forgot that I received my media credentials and this year I was approved for a few areas that I hadn’t previously been approve. Stay tuned for my upcoming post and what my credentials will entail. I’ll also be taking you all along on my journey as it gets closer to the 25th Essence Music Festival.