Today I received a special delivery from Mitsubishi. They dropped us off the 2019 Outlander PHEV GT S-Awc 4 Door Suv for us to test drive for a week. Mario and I decided to get out of the house take this baby for a quick spin. We ended up at the Fayette Pavilion and decided to head to the movies to see the new Aladdin movie starring Will Smith. I can still remember watching the original Aladdin over and over again on VHS. It’s safe to say that I was really excited to see the remake. I just knew that it would have a modern day twist and vibe. 

2019 Mitsubishi Outlander

We arrived right in time for the movie to start. Man were those some of the longest lines that I have ever seen outside the movie theater. My first perception of the movie was that I absolutely loved the vibrate colors that they used in the movies. It was very appealing similar to the original version of Aladdin. As a teenager watching Aladdin the movies was just that a movie but watching the remake as an adult I found several life lessons that anyone can apply to their lives.



In Aladdin we carefully observe Aladdin as he finds that hidden magic lamp and although he’s not up to par on exactly how the three wishes that he can have are done he’s still remains innocent as to what he should wish for initially. Once Aladdin finally figures out how the wishes work he decides that he wants to be a Prince. The problem is having his wish granted meant that on the outside he gave the appearance of someone else but his inner self was still the same. He was still the thief who was in love with the Princess who seemed out of his reach.


There’s two lessons here. Princess Jasmine had everything anyone could imagine having including a country but she wasn’t set on living by the rules that govern royalty. She wanted to be out in the countryside with her people learning about their problems. Although this is a good aspect that isn’t how she should act. As royalty she must govern herself accordingly. She was rich but that didn’t define who she was. She was a Princess for her people, poor or rich.

Aladdin who we all know as a common thief never allowed his life situation to define him. He always saw the best in everything. He was always willing to take a risk and live on the edge no matter what. That’s what was so pure and innocent about him when the Tiger licked him in the face and the moment when he took Jasmine on a magic carpet ride he was able to convince her to live a little and take a risk. 



When Aladdin wakes the Genie and tricks him into granting him a wish without rubbing the lamp he later asked the Genie what he would wish for. This shocks the Genie because no one has ever asked what he wanted or thought. That’s the start of their friendship. When you think about it they were actually friends at that point. If they weren’t then Aladdin would not have cared what the Genie thought. It’s then that Aladdin makes the promise that he will set him free with his third wish. 

Secondly, when Aladdin was thrown into the ocean the Genie bends the rules and gets creative with granting Aladdin with his second wish. That’s something that a true friend would do. 

Lastly, once Jabar became a sorcerer and vowed to bring doom to the Sulton, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine and her court we see the Genie having an emotional time as he watched all of the evil things that Jabar was making happen. If the Genie and Aladdin were not friends he wouldn’t have reacted the way that he did.

All in all there were so many life lessons that could be learned from Aladdin. In this post I just touched on a few but there are so many that you can take away and apply to your life. I highly recommend taking your entire family to see this Disney Classic. Stay tuned as we continue our Exploring Georgia Series with Mitsubishi. 

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