Kanye West At New Birth Missionary Baptist Church


Hey Love Bugs! Unless you’ve been living under a rock the hottest topic in the World at the moment is Kanye West making a surprise appearance at Mega Church New Birth Missionary Baptist Church where Activist/Philanthropist Jamal H. Bryant is the newly appointed Senior Pastor. Pastor Jamal Bryant has continuously been in the mouths of every media personality for as long as I can remember. His work in the community and world speaks for itself but just incase you need to brought up to speed here are a small dent of things that he’s done:

  • Provided Brand New Shoes for over 5000 kids for Back To School
  • Feed the Elderly by going home to home delivering bags of food
  • Soup for Souls Outreach- Collected 17,000 cans of food and serviced families within a 5 mile radius of the ministry
  • Feed 500 kids a day during Spring Break
  • Raised $100,000 to bail out nonviolent men and women out of jail
  • New Birth made the single largest donation of any church to Goodwill- filled two 16 wheelers full of clothes
  • Provided medical services after Sunday Service
  • New Birth awarded 25 college scholarships
  • Packaged 50,000 meals for the Missions in Kenya
  • Partnered with Hartsfield Atlanta Airport to provide 250 jobs after Sunday Service with immediate interviews and hiring
  • Partnered with Delta to take cargo planes full of supplies to the Bahamas
  • Partnered with Lowes for supplies for the Bahamas

The list can seriously go on an on! There’s so much to scream from the top of the mountains when it comes to New Birth and Pastor Jamal Bryant. I can’t leave out the fact that he was instrumental in the Bahamas University students receiving the resources to partner with Hampton University where they will receive free room and board plus New Birth Missionary Baptist Church will be providing air fare starting this semester with Student Visa and/or Passport Support. I know what your thinking….here’s a Pastor that hasn’t even been a resident of Atlanta for 12 months yet and you would be correct.

Kanye West At New Birth Missionary Baptist Church
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Pastor Bryant has only been at New Birth since January 2019 and here we are nine months later and he continues to set the stage for bridging the gap. He’s a great example of allowing God to truly us him and his purpose. When we think about Purpose so many times we often get it confused with Passion. Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion. There’s no confusion with what Pastor Bryant intentions are and that is to LIVE HIS DIVINE PURPOSE! 

Bishop I.V. Hilliard
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Our past Sunday Service was one that millions will never forget. It’s not many times that you will have so many Influential people in the same room at the same time for God’s business. Bishop I.V. Hilliard taught the congregation on the importance of sowing. To the unchurched or unbeliever their perception of his teaching may seem one sided but to those of us who understand what it means to sow and give his teaching sheds a totally different light on our lives. Fortunately for me having been in church all of my life and a person who loves to serve in ministry in whatever capacity that God sees fit I have had the pleasure of sitting under Bishop Hilliard’s teaching many times as well as attend his Strategies Conference in Texas where I have witnessed first hand what God has done for him and his family over the years and watched the congregation give in a manor in which is pleasing to God. In a nutshell Bishop I.V. Hilliard is a Prosperity Teaching Pastor and understands his PURPOSE even if others don’t. 

Kanye West At New Birth Missionary Baptist Church
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I think that when word got out that we were having Kanye West at the church everyone thought that it was going to be a full blown out concert. Love Bugs that was not the case. Pastor Bryant does everything in Love and Decent Order! Of course there were a plethora of celebrities in the service but the focus was on God! Our Sunday morning worship proceeded just as it would on any given Sunday with the exception of Kanye West and his amazing choir performing. Just so that we’re clear there was a mandate to have 1000 people singing so as the word began to spread through the streets because we were all sworn to secrecy folks were coming from all over to be apart of this once in a lifetime EXPERIENCE. Like folks were late to their own church choirs so that they could be apart of the EXPERIENCE. You see it wasn’t a show but an EXPERIENCE. An EXPERIENCE that may or may not ever happen again but to be apart of something so intentional can only be described as A BLESSING!

Hey I get it! Yes I myself am an Influencer but I AM also a Woman of God who is Saved, Sanctified and Holy Ghost Filled and this editorial is told through my eyes as a servant who serves and served during this EXPERIENCE. This amazing Godly EXPERIENCE brought people into the house of God that have probably not stepped foot in a church in years. This EXPERIENCE brought families and enemies together for a common goal….THE EXPERIENCE. This EXPERIENCE showcased the POWER of GOD in another light. This EXPERIENCE brought 156 people to Christ!!! Yes!!! 156 PEOPLE GAVE THEIR LIVES TO CHRIST! This EXPERIENCE proved that people can work together INTENTIONALLY. The choir literally practiced in their seats for about and hour. Seriously! The sound that you enjoyed was folks from all walks of life hustling into New Birth at 6:45AM to sing unto the Glory of God! They had no idea how practice was going to go nor did they know what they were singing and guess what? Neither did you! You probably thought that the choir sung together for years! Ha! Nah! An hour TOPS!!

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church
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Kanye West At New Birth Missionary Baptist Church
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As a believer I don’t personally believe that anyone has the authority to judge anyone. The scripture states “So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her (John 8:7 KJV). So I can’t understand why so many passed judgement on Kanye West and where his PURPOSE is taking him. We have all sinned and fell short yet God forgave us and allowed us another opportunity to get it right. So why can’t Kanye West change his life. Why is it so hard to believe that he has found God? The manner in which we find God or serve him is personal in my opinion. He may not run around the church like I do and speak in tongues. That doesn’t mean that he’s not saved and living for God. When I accepted God it wasn’t a microwave process. It took time for me to release things that I had become accustomed to over the years. It was a process and through it all God was there beside me. This past weekend was an EXPERIENCE. An EXPERIENCE that you truly had to be in the room to fully understand. What I encountered through the day and during the service was a redeemed man who is walking through a process as he aids the Body of Christ in winning souls. You can’t twist something that isn’t twistable. Kanye’s entire demeanor, aura and spirit is RENEWED and I am bless to have had the opportunity to EXPERIENCE this EXPERIENCE. May God Continue to Bless Pastor Bryant and Kanye West as they continue to do God’s business. 

Kanye West At New Birth Missionary Baptist Church
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Photo Credit: Peculiar Images by RJ