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Cooking & Baking With Community Coffee

**This post is sponsored by Community Coffee Company. All opinions are my own & contains affiliate links**

As many of you may be aware that I am a tea addict! I live for a delicious cup of tea, in fact I have traveled all the way to London and Paris just to have a delicious cup of tea during tea time with a tea cake. I haven’t really experimented with cooking with tea just yet but when it comes to coffee I can definitely share a few of my ideas. I was excited to have the opportunity to try the Community Coffee & Tea. I can recall only trying their coffee before when I was in New Orleans on last year. If your familiar with Louisiana or have family there like I do then you soon learn that Community Coffee & Tea is a hometown favorite there, in fact that’s actually where it originates. The Community Coffee Brand has been around for four generations and has continued to share their passion for great coffee with the world.

What sets this Coffee apart from the rest is its multiple uses! Yes you read my last statement correctly. As I continued to get familiar with my community coffee I soon learned that it serves so many purposes. Here are my top 3 Favorite uses for my Community Coffee.

Coffee Poundcake

Coffee Pound Cake. My coffee pound cake is becoming a favorite with my family especially my father. This was a test recipe and it proved to be amazing. I just added a few teaspoons to my butter pound cake recipe and BOOM!


Coffee Waffles

Coffee Flavored Waffles. Looking for a pick me up in the morning? Simply add two tablespoons of Community Coffee to your favorite Scratch Waffle Recipe and Wallah! Just add a scoop of whip cream or ice cream and some syrup.

Coffee Flavored Pretzels

Chocolate Covered Heath Pretzels With A Pinch of Community Coffee. Who says that adults have to have all of the fun with coffee. I decided to switch it up and let my kids have a taste of my version of a kiddie coffee treat. Disclaimer: I don’t know how your kids will act after eating these but they had no effect on my kids at all. The only thing the kids noticed was a little kick in the taste. I took a few pinches of the Community Coffee and grinded it a little more and sprinkled it into the melted chocolate, then dipped the pretzels and rolled them in a crushed health bar. The kids had a sweet & salty treat!

All in all I can truly say that I am in love with Community Coffee and its safe to say that my kids are as well

Community Coffee is more than just a brand! They have several initiatives that give back to the community hence their name Community Coffee.

  • Community Coffee has given back to schools for 25 years.
  • Community Coffee Company has a rich history of supporting coffee farmers with relationships going back generations.
  • Military Match Program.

If you’re a coffee or tea lover like I then why not give Community Coffee a try. Stay tuned as I experiment over the next few weeks with different ways to use my Community Tea.


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