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Dare To Be Edgy With Jessture Spring/Summer Collection

Stay Effortlessly Edgy With Jessture

Are you ready to define your own style with amazing comfortable yet unique pieces? If you answered yes then its a must that you check out the latest signature pieces from Jessture. Have you always imagined walking down the runway in Edgy Fashion? Why not show off your unique style with the fashionable, functional looks from Jessture. The New York-based brand has continued to excel at providing many runways with innovative, edgy styles with an essence of attitude.

Needless to say that I am definitely ready to incorporate several of the pieces which happen to be straight-off-the-catwalk trends into my everyday wardrobe with a few sophisticated statement pieces from Jessture’s Spring/Summer Collection.

Just imagine amping up your look with beautiful bold pieces:

Pleats: Make your morning walk to work or a business meeting a little magical with the lightweight and bold skirt from Jessture. Paired with a signature white blouse, this style is flawlessly funky, yet remains functional for any occasion.

"Jessture" "Fashion" "Spring" "Style" "Naturalbabydol" "Fashion Week"



Chic White: Strut your stuff in this comfortably chic outfit. Perfect for a sunny day in the city, this wonderfully white dress will capture your spirited soul while keeping you cool.

"Jessture" "Fashion" "Spring" "Style" "Naturalbabydol" "Fashion Week"

It’s All In The Details: Spell instant chic with an edgy, offbeat look from Jessture. You’ll feel like an off-duty model in the intricate zipper detail of this warm, white sweatshirt.

"Jessture" "Fashion" "Spring" "Style" "Naturalbabydol" "Fashion Week"


Designer Jessica Hu crafted Jessture on the idea that people define their own style and personalities – not their clothes. With inspiring pieces molded to celebrate the uniqueness of the modern woman, this minimalistic brand helps every gal be ready for show off her style every day. These distinctive, daring designs show off your style in a flawlessly fresh way. Feel empowered by the bold blacks and greys of this contemporary casual collection.