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DayBreaker ATL – A New Twist On Rave

There’s no need for alcohol or drugs to have a great time! DayBreaker is the latest innovation twist on throwing a RAVE. It’s an early morning dance party that gets your blood running, exercise in before work and a great way to party with your friends and make new friends in the process.

Countless people start their days with a large cup of Coffee because the caffeine is what jump starts their day and many will head off to the gym to get a few minutes of exercise. Now there’s an innovative twist where hundreds of people wake up and head to a party at 6:30a.m. I know what your thinking but trust me its oodles of fun. It’s a party like non other that you have attended. Plus, there’s no alcohol or drugs just nutritious snacks and drinks for the guest. It’s a gathering of folks dancing early in the morning while working out to the beats of the coolest DJ’s around.

Daybreaker, Naturalbabydol

On last Friday I had the opportunity to take part in the #DAYBREAKERATL where we all gathered at 6:30a.m. for hot yoga with an amazing instructor from Hotlantayoga. The room was filled with yogis all doing asana poses to the soothing beats of the amazing DJ. This was my first time doing hot yoga and I can honestly say that I am hooked. I heard so many amazing things about it and to my surprise I finally had my chance to experience it and I am sold! The lesson lasted for about an hour and a half and once it was complete the room transformed into a day dance party.

Daybreaker, NaturalbabydolDaybreaker, Naturalbabydol

The music changed to fast upbeat sounds and the crowd went wild. In a split of a second what was once a serene yoga lesson turned to a Day Dance Rave. People continued to flutter in and fill up the dance floor and rock to the beats. There was so much dancing going on I am sure that hundreds of calories were burned in the dance madness.

Daybreaker, NaturalbabydolIf you are open to trying out something new then I highly suggest that if DayBreaker comes to a city near you which it most definitely will then why not take a break from your normal boring life and head on down and have a morning party!


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