As I sit at one of Delta Airlines gate awaiting my flight to San Antonio I began to reflect on the past year. Just a year ago I decided to start blogging which allowed me the freedom to speak in my own voice and discuss whatever topics I desire as well as allow me the freedom to spend more time with kids. I also unofficially started my social media marketing company that will official launch in 2015.

Blogging for me just started out as yet another one of my goals that I set just to conquer it and move on but as I became more involved I soon learned that my gift for Social Media, Travel & Branding were all key components in making my goal successful. I’ve always loved to write but not in the sense of sharing my life with the world but I soon realized that my life’s struggles and successes were motivating forces for fellow women to take that plunge and live their dreams.

As long as I can remember from my childhood that I was always that adventurous child that wanted to see the world and would not give up until I conquered my goal. I use to envision myself in the airport boarding my flight. As I look back I now see that over the past 15 years I did just that!

My determination to make my way into the Blogosphere world has been yet another one of the greatest decisions that I have ever made. I’ve encountered hatred and negativity from some bloggers and I have received positive vibes and empowerment but the leader in me would never allow the bad to out weigh the good and so I continue to press on.

As I sit here anticipating attending my second annual Blogalicious conference I can’t help but say Thank you to everyone behind the Blogalicious brand and the continuous encouragement and belief in social media influencers dreams. The moral of the story is no matter how old you are or what your situation at this moment may be……Just get up and follow your dreams. Try it at least once and trust me you will be amazed at where your heart and dreams will take you. The world is yours for the taking and I’m taking my portion. Dream A Dream Today!


~Turkesha McIvy, MPA

I would love to hear your thoughts!