"Will not work for free" "Snazzy Cakes LLC"

Exposure Nor Sponsorships Can Pay My Mortgage! So Don’t Ask Me To Work For Free!!!

Many of you may know that I have a home based baking business, Snazzy Cakes, LLC. which I have continued to build over the past years in conjunction with a host multiple streams of income. A few weeks ago I was contacted to sponsor a well known celebrity event in fact a very popular show on television. Here’s the issue that I have with the situation! I’m pretty sure that the company or person that contacted me was getting paid and more than likely had a budget to pay me for my services but NO! They opted to try to get me to sponsor/ donate my goods to an event that could have very well paid me for my services! Why would I work for free? See if we as small businesses don’t stop working for free or exposure then we can all get paid. Snazzy Cakes, LLC may not be well known, a selected choice of celebrities or Instagram Flexed all over the Internet but believe it is a company of Integrity and will not affiliate itself with everyone just for exposure.

Really? This is a major issue! See people will contact you for desserts on a $0.00 budget! Where do they do that at? Do you not take my work serious? My craft? My Business? Sorry Boo Boo Kitty but the only exposure I need is the one that God has provided by continuing to open doors for my business. The fact is just because I don’t brag about doesn’t mean that I’m not working. See there’s a lesson to be learned and everything isn’t meant to be told to others. I urge my fellow entrepreneurs to please put your foot down and stop doing all of the work for exposure while others are standing their with a larger paycheck in their pocket because you were their sucker of the day that got tricked into working for free! I bet the person that asked me didn’t even consider the fact that I would be slaving over my Kitchen Aid mixers, a host of ingredients and the stove for hours to create desserts for their event and I was suppose to do all of that for free? What about the gas that I would waste on delivering the goods and the added money that I would lose from hourly labor and packing supplies in conjunction with my ingredient cost & electricity. All of that for what a measly one mention on your page? NO MA’AM! I can’t pay my mortgage, oldest sons college tuition, electricity, gas, water or car insurance on a mention or your so call exposure so the next time you even think about asking anyone for FREEBIES please take all of the following in consideration!

Yours Truly,

Turkesha McIvy, MPA

Owner of Snazzy Cakes, LLC.